By Javier Paz García

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If it were up to the bureaucrats, the State’s tentacle would reach every corner of our lives, regulating, supervising, controlling everything to achieve a better world. The curious and ironic thing about it is that the same state that regulates the activities of others, when compared precisely with those it regulates, turns out to be the worst of all. I will explain myself with examples.

Because of state regulation, in my native Bolivia, banks should not allow a person to wait more than half an hour to be attended, otherwise they can file a complaint. The curious thing is that there is no state institution where one queues for less than half an hour. Going to Transit, ID, the Ministry of Labor, Health Fund or Immigration requires sacrificing half a day without working. And while at banks one waits inside with air conditioning and in comfortable chairs, while with State matters one waits outside, standing and has no right to complain to.

While private colleges and universities produce the brightest minds in the country, the most productive, innovative and job-generating entrepreneurs, fiscal colleges barely learn how to read and write and cannot dream of young people coming out with notions of differential calculus, English language or even an acceptable level of writing and comprehension. And yet it is the producing state of mediocre colleges and universities that imposes the rules and regulates the activity of private education. Something similar happens in the health field.

While the State has the idea of putting a sugar mill where there is no sugar cane or making huge milk factories where there are no cows, thus squandering millions of dollars of everyone’s money, producers risk their capital to produce the milk and sugar that feed the country, when they lose their own money, and not the money of others and when they earn, they reinvest, increasing production and generating more sources of employment. And yet it is the State, champion of inefficiency, who regulates and controls the producers.

The State, who regulates the others, turns out to be the most unskilled of all, the one that offers the worst services, the one that charges the most for its products, the one that makes its users lose the most time, the one that makes the most mistakes, the one that makes the worst business. And when one sees this, one realizes that the regulating state is similar to an arsonist in charge of the fire department or a crook as chief of police. So who regulates regulators?


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