We all are Jose Bejarano

Jose Bejarano

Sir Félix Lope de Vega y Carpio wrote, between 1612 and 1614, the theatrical drama Fuenteovejuna. As with many of Shakespeare’s dramas, Fuenteovejuna focuses on uniting the people against oppression and outrage.
It was a whole people who ended the tyrant commander at the voice of: “FUENTEOVEJUNA, ALL ARE ONE”.

Time changes, but the tyrants, the outrages, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the oppression, the poverty and misery brought by the former still remains.

Jose Bejarano, in reality, is a character created by a group of Spaniards where people of all conditions are concentrated, but with a common denominator.
They are people who love their country, Spain.

They are people of the right and the left-wing, of the democratic left-wing, who fight and will fight to continue in a united Spain.
At the Spanish Embassy in Washington, Paris, London, Rome, Buenos Aires, Lima, Montevideo, Mexico, etc.
There are several Jose Bejarano.

In the Civil Guard barracks throughout the length and breadth of Spain, there are many Jose Bejarano.

In the various National Police stations, regional and local police, there are many Jose Bejarano.

Among the prison officers, one of the most sacrificed professions, there are many Jose Bejarano.

There are many Jose Bejarano in the various National Defense facilities, in their barracks, ships and air squadrons.

Among the members of the different Spanish intelligence services, there are quite a few Jose Bejarano.

Jose Bejarano is represented by members of the PSOE and PODEMOS, of the UGT, CCOO and CNT unions, who naively believed that the changes would be in a democratic manner and with the consensus of all the political parties and who today see the need to become MOLES within the organizations to which they officially belong and to become that Fifth Column that the communists so feared during the Spanish Civil War.

In the different ministries, today led by socialists/Marxists and communists/Stalinists, there are many Jose Bejarano.

In the Autonomous Communities and Provincial Councils, there are many Jose Bejarano.

In different media channels.

In those newspapers, radios and televisions where the only servility to the party in office is practised, especially if that party is PSOE, Podemos, PNV, and the rest of the numerous separatist parties, there you can find many Jose Bejarano.

All of them have a common objective: To make Spain a truly democratic nation, without separatists, communists, drug dealers and traitors.

A Spain of Freedom and Order. Spain where there are equal opportunities and responsibilities.

A Spain where political hypocrisy, armed robbery and media murder are not being used by members of a Spanish government made up of illiterates and friends and accomplices of Venezuelan drug traffickers.

They are people who could very well have inhabited that town in the Cordoba of the Catholic Kings.

They are people who see how the Spanish political scene increasingly resembles the Spain of 1936, where they murdered people simply for being orderly and burned churches because of their visceral hatred of the Catholic religion.

Jose Bejarano is an honest citizen who sees how tyranny, once again, has settled in Spain.

And we ask ourselves: Will the current government of Marxists and Communists limit themselves to destroying professional careers and ostracizing their dissidents or will they follow the example of the disastrous Second Republic?

José Bejarano is the one who turns on the television and sees, day after day, how they lie to his face, how they steal his money with abusive taxes.

Jose Bejarano is the one who dreamed of a free and strong and independent Spain and who sees day after day how it becomes the Cuba or the Venezuela of Southern Europe when tyrants of all kinds enter politics with the sole purpose of getting rich and selling themselves to banana republics and Muslim fundamentalists, in the purest treacherous and cowardly style.

Jose Bejarano is the one they see with shame as the PSOE and Podemos, controlling and forming part of this government, which has murdered thousands of victims of the pandemic, wants to transform Spain into a federal republic of drug traffickers and in turn wants to convert Spain from an intrinsically Catholic nation to an Arabized and Muslim Spain, trying to attract whole families from neighbouring Morocco with the lure of the “basic pay” that will be paid by the taxes of the companies, the self-employed, the civil servants and all those who, with their taxes, contribute unavoidably, for the time being, to the slavery of the Spanish.

Jose Bejarano is the Spaniard who wonders what the struggle for control of the Guardia Civil between the Ministers of the Interior and Defence is all about.

We venture to tell you that according to confidential sources, the destruction of the Guardia Civil is being planned, doing with it what was done in the past with the Armed Police, bringing it together in the National Police and forcing its officers and non-commissioned officers to decide if they are equated with similar positions in the National Police or if they prefer to remain in the army.

And all this because the Marxist-Communist government intends to use the Guardia Civil for the repression of the demonstrations that are expected throughout the length and breadth of the Spanish geography, thus not only controlling the demonstrators but also forcing the Guardia Civil to severely repress such demonstrations and thus undermining the affection, respect and appreciation that Spaniards feel for the Guardia Civil.

Let’s remember how in the corrupt Second Republic the government that, by chance, was made up, in part, of the same party as now, the PSOE, used the sadly famous ‘belly shot’ in the criminal repression at Casa Viejas.

Will the Spaniards have to wait for the US authorities and police agencies to charge Zapatero, Iglesias, Monedero and several dozen politicians and businessmen before this government of accomplices of Venezuelan drug traffickers and Muslim fundamentalists can be brought to an end?

In Political Hispanic we want there to be many more José Bejarano, taking care that his identity does not go beyond the doors of the editorial office. Because we know that freedom is precisely the essential value that exists today, but it is in danger, in Spain.

For this reason, you can contact this media through publisher@politicalhispanic.com with total confidence and we remind you that, during the Franco regime, dissidents installed Radio Pirenaica, which was located in former Czechoslovakia.

Now, dissidents of the Marxist Stalinist regime have to use newspapers outside Spain, more specifically in the United States and in several Latin American countries to escape repression and censorship.

José Bejarano, whoever he is and wherever he is, knows that he has this instrument of voice and freedom at his disposal to tell and express all those abuses that, day by day, the Socialist Communist government of the felon Pedro Sánchez and the Stalinist Pablo Iglesias (who has learned the manual of the good communist well since he is the son of a terrorist and the grandson of a chequist) as well as of the whole cohort of politicians without shame of those who graze in the midst of some ministries of such useless existence as those who lead them.

The people of Fuenteovejuna, united, ended up with the tyrant commander.

The dozens of José Bejarano will do their bit to put an end to those who, at this moment, have not yet finished with Spain, but who, if they continue like this, there is no doubt that they will succeed.


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