Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed a lawsuit to block the government’s plan to “reprogram” funds for military construction projects approved by Congress to finance the construction of the border fence with Mexico.

“President Trump’s misuse of his presidential emergency powers to achieve an ideological political goal is a heinous abuse, regardless of how Americans feel about Trump or immigration,” Ferguson said.

“His actions threaten to undermine that system and we will not allow that to happen,” the attorney general added.

On the other hand, Washington governor Jay Inslee showed his support for the lawsuit and said that “the actions of the president show a clear disdain for the authority of Congress and constitute a serious violation of constitutionally established powers”.

“The president promised that Mexico would pay for his vain border project, but instead it is the U.S. military, their families and their communities who are paying for it,” the Democrat added.

In February, President Trump declared a “national emergency” to reallocate funds for his much-promised border wall, despite Congress’s repeated refusal to approve the funds he requested.

Trump said he “was going to spend the money anyway”.
With bipartisan support, Congress even voted to revoke Trump’s “emergency” declaration, but the president himself vetoed legislative action.

It wasn’t until earlier this month that the government indicated paying military funds to build the wall along the country’s southern border.

Out of an allocation of over $3.6 billion, among the diverted funds are $89 million planned to build a new pier and a much-needed maintenance facility at the Bangor submarine base on the Kitsap peninsula in Washington state.

The vessels that escort and secure submarines between the base and the dive sites in the Juan de Fuca Strait currently have no space on the dock, forcing them to operate in a “nomadic state,” according to the Department of Defense.

Ferguson also plans to request in the near future a precautionary measure to immediately block any attempt by the administration to divert funds from Congress.

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