Wall Street closed today with gains and the Industrial Dow Jones, its main indicator, rose 0.42%, a day somewhat quieter than usual after weeks of high volatility and in which optimism predominated thanks to eventual advances in the US trade negotiations and China.

According to the data at the end of the session on the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones advanced 98.19 points to 23,531.35 whole, while the selective S & P 500 rose 0.70% or 17.75 points, until the end of the session. 2.5349.69. The composite index of the Nasdaq market, where the main technological groups are listed, rose by 1.26%, 84.61 points, to reach 6,823.47.

A large part of the corporate sectors ended up at the end of the session, with non-essential consumer goods (2.36%) leading the green zone, ahead of energy (1.29%), technological (0, 86%), real estate (0.79%) and the communications sector (0.76%). Only two sectors in the red zone were resisted: public services (-0.71%) and essential consumer goods (-0.28%).

The New York Stock Exchange thus closed with moderate gains after starting today hesitantly the week, although with much more tranquility if we compare it with the strong rebound on Friday and the first week of January that showed great volatility. According to Wall Street analysts, investors expect more signs of melting in the prolonged trade dispute between the United States and China, a shock that has undermined the stock market in recent weeks.

Precisely, the Government of China was optimistic about the latest round of trade negotiations with the United States and stressed that both parties have shown their “will” to reach an agreement to end their disputes. A delegation from the United States led by Deputy Trade Representative Jeffrey Gerrish arrived in the Chinese capital today to hold two-day talks at the vice-ministerial level on these issues, which have kept the two powers against each other since the beginning of 2018.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told CNBC about the negotiations between Washington and Beijing to end the trade war in which both countries are immersed: “We are making progress and I hope we continue making them.” In this context, there are analysts who believe that stocks may be coming out of their worst year since the financial crisis and see gains for 2019 because stocks are now cheap.

Thus, in the group of 30 titles quoted in the Dow Jones closed the day with outstanding corporate profits such as Home Depot (1.97%), Visa (1.80%), Nike (1.43%), Chevron (1.30%) or Walmart (-1.18%). A dozen companies ended up in the red zone, among which Coca-Cola (-1.30%), Merck (-1.10%), Johson & Johnson (-0.64%) and Procter & Gamble (-0) stood out. , 40%).

As for other markets, Texas oil rose 1.2% to $ 48.52 a barrel, gold gained value to $ 1,289.90 an ounce, the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond rose up to 2.69% and the dollar lost ground against the euro, with a change of 1,147.

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