The United States ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said today that it was North Korea who asked to suspend the meeting scheduled for Thursday with Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

Washington yesterday announced the cancellation of the meeting that was to be held in New York to discuss a second summit between the leaders of the two countries, without giving reasons and assuring that it would take place at a future date without determining.
Haley, speaking to reporters, explained today that Pyonyang was the one who asked to suspend the appointment, “because they were not prepared.”

The diplomat downplayed the situation and stressed that Washington is still prepared to speak.

“I do not think there were any major problems,” Haley said, on his arrival at a UN Security Council meeting on sanctions against North Korea.

According to the US government, contacts with Pyongyang continue with the objective of advancing the dialogue for the denuclearization of North Korea that began during the historic meeting in June in Singapore.

US President Donald Trump said yesterday he hopes to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “early next year.”

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