On November 3 of this year, there will be a presidential election in the United States. The elections until 2012 followed a pattern inherited from decades of electoral history. In 2016, the first disruptive election since Kennedy’s 1960 was held.
A businessman, Donald Trump, who had cherished the idea of being a candidate several times, jumped into the electoral arena, and in a tough style swept away his Republican rivals.

Against all odds, he beat Hillary Clinton. Every ten years, social change takes place. In the United States, in the last decade, there have been some significant ones: greater racial plurality due to immigration, with a strong weight of Hispanics, African Americans and Asians. Whites are still in the majority, but less and less so.

The second important change is the greater weight of women in all areas.

The third is the emergence of socialism in America. Even communism. These three factors and many others have grouped the conservative electorate around Trump, because these phenomena scare him and he thinks that Trump is his defender. A few years ago communism was banned and socialism was a rarity; neither Clinton nor Obama consider themselves socialists.

The executive branch of the Presidency and the legislative branch of Congress are elected separately. The presidential election must take place on the same day throughout the country; congressional elections occur in conjunction with presidential elections every four years and as part of the so-called mid-term elections two years later. Congress has two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives.

In the November 3 elections, 13 governors will also be elected, 11 from states and two from territories, in this case Puerto Rico and Samoa, along with the president/vice president duo, 35 senators and 435 representatives. Currently, the Republican Party controls the Presidency, the Senate 53 versus 47 and the Governorships 26 versus 24, while the Democratic Party controls the House of Representatives, with a 37 seat advantage.

Current politics are in the hands of old men, Obama says. It applies to Trump and several Democrats: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren have an advanced age in common, and in the case of Sanders and Warren, both also share a socialist vision of America. Warren wants to end American capitalism.

In order to win elections in the United States, you have to be known. They are. So is the latest to join the Democratic race, Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and owner of a media group. Only a millionaire is capable of beating Trump, Bloomberg says of himself, yet despite spending a real fortune on his campaign, he failed miserably in his attempt.

Today it is impossible to anticipate the election result. Trump would beat any candidate today. The Democrats have said that they want to prevent the president from running for office at all costs. One thing is clear: the Republicans are united around Trump; the Democrats have various ideological sensibilities.

The Democratic Party of today has nothing to do with the traditional one, from being a party with social foundations it has become, kidnapped by socialists and communists, a transmission belt of the New World Order, which wants to destroy nations, hoping for the United States.

Only a strong President like Trump can reverse the trend that Obama and his Democratic Party have been imposing.

Under these conditions, with characters like Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Ocasio, Grijalva and company, a vote for the Democrats is a vote for the New World Order and for the destruction of streets and businesses in Democratic controlled cities, as has happened in the past few days.

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