The State Department today announced the creation of an Office of Venezuelan Affairs (VAU) within its Colombian embassy in Bogotá to “continue working for the restoration of democracy and constitutional order” in Venezuela.

The office will be headed by James Story, who was at the forefront of U.S. degeneration in Venezuela prior to its closing last March.

“The VAU will continue to work for the restoration of democracy and constitutional order in the country, and the safety and well-being of the people of Venezuela,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

Pompeo remarked that the VAU “interacts with the government of interim President Juan Guaidó, the democratically elected National Assembly, civil society and the people of Venezuela”.

In addition, the head of diplomacy “welcomed the support of the Government of Colombia for a new demonstration of its firm commitment to democracy and peace in the region”.

President Donald Trump, affirmed in the past that his executive maintains contacts with chavismo “at a very high level”, when asked about information about a dialogue between the White House and the considered “number two” of the officialism in Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello.

“I don’t want to say with whom, but we are talking to them at a very high level,” said the president when asked about Efe in the White House.

Venezuela has been going through a peak of political tension since last January, when Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro took the oath of office for a new six-year term that does not recognize his opposition or part of the international community, due to the fact that the president was re-elected in elections that were boycotted by the opposition.

In response, opposition leader Juan Guaidó claimed the Executive’s powers as Venezuela’s interim president and won the support of more than 50 nations, with the United States at the forefront.

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