President Donald Trump’s asylum victory has achieved a partial victory in court on Friday with a decision of an appeals court that overturned part of another court ruling that had suspended the measures decreed by the president.

The ruling of the three judges of the court of appeals restricts the application of last month’s ruling of the federal Court of the Ninth Circuit to the districts where it has jurisdiction in the border states of California and Arizona and states that it cannot be implemented nationwide.

The judges have considered that the Ninth Circuit Court failed to analyze the reason why a nationwide order was necessary to remedy the damage that the pro-immigrant organizations that filed the lawsuit alleged that the new government regulation had caused.

Last month a magistrate of the Court of the Ninth Circuit suspended the new government regulation that established that foreigners seeking asylum in the US they must wait in other countries for their applications to be processed, considering that it was probably invalid because they are in conflict with federal asylum laws.

This measure adopted by Trump is specifically aimed at Central American immigrants, who have to go through other countries before arriving in the US to request asylum here.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) initiated a complaint against the decree in the Ninth Circuit court, on the grounds that the measure violates US asylum laws and international treaties that, on the subject, have Signed the country.

This Friday’s decision of the appeals court comes after yesterday the same court ruled that immigrant children detained by US authorities should receive acceptable food, clean water and basic hygiene products such as soap and toothbrushes.

The White House declared “strongly disagree” that the decision of the federal Court of the Ninth Circuit has left in place the “unjustified” order against the Government’s action to contain abuse in the asylums.

In a statement released by the White House Press Secretariat, the Government said to be pleased that the court recognized that the national application of that order was incorrect.

“Now we can apply the rule in question to curb abuse of asylum outside the Ninth Circuit,” he added, stating that he expects the court order to be lifted “in its entirety” with the appeal filed by the Government before the Supreme.

Hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, mostly in family groups, have reached the US border in the last year and, instead of entering the country irregularly, they have turned themselves in to the authorities asking for asylum.

The exodus has resulted in the detention of thousands of people in various facilities and the separation of thousands of children from their families.

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