President Donald Trump will receive his Guatemalan counterpart, Jimmy Morales, next Monday at the White House to discuss “migration and security priorities,” the government reported today.

“President Trump and President Morales will discuss ways to create a more robust relationship focused on addressing migration and security priorities,” the White House said in a statement.

“Both leaders will discuss how Guatemala can build a stronger relationship with its Central American partners to expand economic growth, create jobs, and promote opportunities for its citizens.”

Morales’ visit comes at a time of growing pressure from Washington regarding immigration policy in Mexico and Central America.

Guatemala and the United States are currently negotiating the signing of an agreement to convert the Central American nation into a “safe third country,” which would mean US authorities would send migrants from other countries seeking asylum to Guatemalan territory.

Trump has criticized that these countries are not doing enough to stop the flow of migration and has warned that the border with Mexico is experiencing a “humanitarian crisis” because of the large number of migrants trying to access the country.

The president has come to threaten to cut off all foreign assistance granted to the countries of the Northern Triangle of Central America (Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala).

As part of its tough-line policy, the Trump administration has announced that it will begin massive raids on Sunday in at least ten cities to capture undocumented immigrants and their families.

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