U.S. President Donald Trump considered that the bilateral relationship between the United States and Mexico “is better than ever” because it has “an incredible relationship” with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, according to an interview with the newspaper El Universal.

In addition, Trump was sure he will be reelected on November 3, in this written interview he offered to the Mexican newspaper El Universal and was published this Friday.

“The relationship between the United States and Mexico is better than ever. I have an incredible relationship with President (Andres Manuel) Lopez Obrador,” Trump said, when asked about the relationship between both nations, and recalled that the Mexican president visited him at the White House in July, which he considered an honor since it was his first visit abroad.

“We both like and respect each other. And no one expected that; when I was elected, in 2016, all the television experts and newspapers said that the United States and Mexico would have a terrible relationship,” he recalled.

Trump considered that both seek the same goal, “to make his country great” and pointed out that “when things go well for the United States, they also go well for Mexico”.

The Republican called the Treaty between the United States, Mexico and Canada (T-MEC) as “the best trade agreement in history” and said that “it is great for the United States, Mexico and Canada.

“We’re on the same team and we’re going to beat China and other countries that have been ripping us off for years,” he said.

He recalled that the priorities in the relationship with Mexico “have been, and will continue to be, migration, human trafficking, security and trade.

“We both know that we need to put that border under control and keep it under control,” he said.

He called the work carried out by both countries on the border, which due to the pandemic was only open to trade and other essential activities, “an incredible job”. He said that if the pandemic demonstrated anything “it’s the importance of a nation controlling its own borders.

He called it cruel to encourage people to try to migrate illegally to the United States and said that “it’s just big business for human traffickers and smugglers” and in the face of that they will work with the Mexican government to ensure that people from all over the world.
“Don’t think you can enter the United States illegally through Mexico,” he said.


About his chances of re-election, Trump considered that he will win the election because the American people “know that we created the most amazing economy in our history” and stressed that he will reach the victory “with unprecedented support from Hispanics.

He acknowledged that the virus in China “hit our economy like it hit all the economies in the world,” but “we are seeing our economy roar back” this despite the efforts of Joe Biden, his rival in the election, and the radical left “to slow things down to hurt me politically.

He said that Americans “don’t want to see this country adopt the same socialist policies that have brought great countries like Cuba and Venezuela to ruin. So we are going to win this election with unprecedented support from Hispanics.

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