President Donald Trump, threatened today to immediately cut off the foreign aid he grants to Honduras if the caravan of Honduran migrants who move towards his country does not stop, while his government pressured Guatemala and Mexico to put a stop to the procession.

For the second time this year, Trump turned a caravan of migrants who want to arrive in the country in the face of their anger on Twitter, and generated uncertainty about the future of assistance that Washington gives to Central America to deal with the factors that cause emigration, like poverty and violence. “The US has strongly informed the president of Honduras (Juan Orlando Hernández) that if the large Caravan of people that goes to the US does not stop and returns to Honduras, no more money or aid will be given to Honduras. , with immediate effect! “, warned Trump on his Twitter account.

Shortly thereafter, the vice president, Mike Pence, revealed that he had spoken with Hernandez about the caravan of about 2,000 Honduran migrants without documents, who departed Saturday from northern Honduras and continued his journey through Guatemala today. “I sent him a strong message from @POTUS (US President Donald Trump): There will be no more help if the caravan does not stop, I told him that the United States will not tolerate this flagrant lack of consideration towards our border and our sovereignty,” the vice president wrote on Twitter.

Pence also telephoned Guatemalan president, Jimmy Morales, and tweeted after Washington hopes that the countries of the region “do everything they can” to stop the procession. “I reiterated (in the conversation with Morales) the president’s message: There will be no more help if it does not stop (the caravan)!” said Pence, who did not clarify whether Trump’s threat to suspend aid to Honduras applies, in addition, to Guatemala.

A spokeswoman for the State Department told Efe that the government was also “in contact with the Mexican authorities” to talk about the caravan. “We are worried because these migrants are victims of false promises of those who seek to exploit them,” said the spokeswoman, who argued that Washington continues to work with Central American countries “to address the economic and security conditions” that generate migration to the country. .

However, “the president has made it clear that the countries receiving assistance from the United States should support the interests of the United States,” the source added.
Washington has notably cut its aid to Central America since Trump came to power, and last fiscal year, 2018, allocated almost 68 million dollars to Honduras.

According to the latest budget proposal of the Department of State, the Executive plans to deliver to Honduras almost 66 million dollars in fiscal year 2019, which include 65 million in economic assistance and 750,000 dollars for military training. Last week, during a conference held in the US capital, the governments of the Northern Triangle of Central America asked the United States that they accompany their demands with a stable budget that allows the fight against corruption, the construction of infrastructures and improvements in security.

“The demands increase, but we must be sure that we will have the necessary budget,” said Hernández, the Honduran president, during the conference, which Pence attended. Trump’s demand came six months after he was outraged by the crossing of another caravan of migrants, which in that case toured Mexico from the southern Mexican town of Tapachula and that was dispersed along the route, so few of its members arrived. to the territory of the country.

In April, Trump ordered the deployment of the National Guard on the Mexican border in response to the news about that caravan, which appeared on his favorite television channel, Fox News, which has also now focused attention on the Honduran delegation.

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