A group of Donald Trump’s supporters on Monday asked the FBI to investigate Mexican-American comedian George Lopez for what they claim was a “death threat” against the president.

Trump supporters have rejected a comment that Lopez wrote on social networks in reaction to a video in which a man speaks in an interview with Iranian state channel Channel One about an alleged reward for killing the U.S. president.

“We are 80 million Iranians. If each one of us puts in a dollar, we will have 80 million U.S. dollars and we will give it as a reward to whoever brings it to us (in Trump),” said one of the attendees at the funeral of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, whose death in a U.S. air strike led to strong bilateral tension.

In response to those statements, replicated online by the Chicano World Star account, Lopez wrote in the comments section that “we do it in half”.

The reaction from Trump supporters was such that George Lopez’s name was on the top 10 most popular Twitter tags in the United States throughout the day, provoking all kinds of comments for and against.

“George Lopez said he would kill Trump for half of the $80 million reward, and I think the Secret Service and the FBI should investigate this,” wrote Ryan Fournier, co-chairman of Students For Trump.

“The Secret Service needs to go to the home of this violent lunatic and arrest him,” said veteran Wyanee Dupree, one of the leaders of the Black Republicans.

For his part, Lopez, 58, an outspoken critic of Trump who has already provoked controversy for his comments on the president, has remained silent, while his publicists have responded to questions from the local press repeating that “it was a joke.

The death on Friday of Soleimaní, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Force (IRGC) Quds, along with leaders of the Iraqi People’s Crowd Shiite militias in a selective U.S. bombing in Baghdad has caused an unprecedented escalation of tension in the Middle East.

Amidst cries and gestures of grief and anger, hundreds of thousands of Iranians packed the streets of downtown Tehran today to call for revenge against the U.S. for the murder of the powerful commander, elevated to martyrdom in Iran.

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