President Donald Trump, suggested on Monday a massive boycott of the company AT & T, one of the main telecommunications groups in the country, in order to force him to make “big changes” at CNN, which is owned by that company.

While this is not the first time that Trump questions the credibility of CNN, which is critical of the president, this time the president felt in his complaint the possibility that users cancel their subscriptions to one of the main service providers cellular of the country.

“I think if people stopped using or subscribing to AT & T, they would be forcing him to make big changes on CNN, which, in any case, is losing a lot of audience,” Trump tweeted after arriving in the UK for an official visit.

“(CNN) It’s so unfair, with such bad and false news!”, Continued Trump, who opined that “when the world sees CNN has a false image of the United States”, he added: “sad! ”

“Newcomer to the UK The only problem is that CNN is the main source of news available from the United States,” Trump explained in a previous tweet.

The president acknowledged that, when landing on British soil, he had “seen the chain a bit”, but “turned off the television” later because what he saw on CNN was “very negative”, and asked: “Why doesn’t the owner of AT&T do something? ”

Apart from his notorious rejection of CNN, marked by controversial disagreements with journalists of the channel, Trump also opposed the merger between AT & T and Time Warner, which became effective in February after a federal court rejected an appeal against the business operation presented by the American Government.

The union of both giants led to WarnerMedia, the current owner of the CNN channel, Warner Brothers studios and HBO.

According to the president, the merger was negative “because it concentrated a lot of power on very few”.

However, since the court deemed the move legal, Democrats in the House of Representatives have demanded access to government documents on the merger, which the White House has so far refused to provide.

The moment of maximum tension between Trump and CNN happened in November of last year, when the White House temporarily expelled the correspondent of the chain, Jim Acosta, after a tense tug of war with the president.

The Secret Service withdrew the accreditation to Acosta after the journalist starred in an uncomfortable scuffle with Trump, in which the reporter struggled with a White House scholar to hold the microphone while the president described him as “impolite” and “terrible person “

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