Donald Trump has said that he does not “agree” with those of his supporters who on Wednesday chanted racist chants against a Muslim congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, during one of his rallies.

“I did not like listening to that chant, I do not agree,” Trump told reporters from the Oval Office.

The president was refering to people chanting “Send her back! Send her back!” in which his followers exploded while Trump criticized Omar during his event this Wednesday in Greenville (North Carolina).

Asked why he did not stop that song, Trump replied: “I think I did, I started talking very soon”.

However, the videos of the act show that the president let his followers intone the phrase several times for 13 seconds, without seemingly undeterred, before continuing with his speech as planned.

The president suggested that journalists interrogate those attending his rally to discover why they chanted that, and added: “I would say that there is more energy in the right than in the left.”

Trump’s statements come more than 15 hours after the meeting ended, after which the president praised his followers by affirming on Twitter that they were “great people” and that their “enthusiasm will end our rivals on the radical left”.

However, several Republican congressmen today rejected the chants, among them the republican leader in the House, Kevin McCarthy, who said that “they have no place in the Party or in the country,” which could have motivated the president’s decision to express opposition.

The songs have aggravated the controversy generated by the tweets in which he asked four young Democratic congressmen known as “The squad” to return to “their country”.

The group includes Latina Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, African-American Ayanna Pressley, with Muslim Rashida Tlaib and the aforementioned Omar.

All of them are US citizens and three of them were born in the country, while Omar was born in Mogadishu (Somalia) but obtained the American nationality when she was a teenager, after arriving as a refugee to the country with her family.

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