U.S. President Donald Trump made his visit to a Ford plant that produces respirators into a campaign event in one of the states on which his re-election in November depends, and refused again to wear his mask in public even though it was mandatory at the factory.

The visit to that factory in Michigan was Trump’s third trip to a key state in the November elections since the beginning of the pandemic, which forced the president to suspend the massive rallies he regularly gave and which he wants to resume “soon,” as he said Thursday.

Meanwhile, the president has taken advantage of official visits to the key states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, and now Michigan, paid for with public funds, to organize events of a similar tone to his rallies and enlivened by the same songs he uses in those electoral events.

“I don’t know how the hell the unions aren’t backing Trump instead of the Democrat on the ticket. A Democrat who doesn’t even know where he is,” Trump said during his speech at the Ford plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan, referring to the virtual Democratic candidate for the election, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden skipped several times over the speech prepared by his advisers to criticize his 2016 rival, Hillary Clinton, and said it was “very important that he win a second time” in the election.

Trump even generated criticism on social networks for his veiled praise of the carmaker’s founder, Henry Ford, who is known for his anti-Semitism and for allegedly contributing to the development of Nazism, and of whom the president said, “Good lineage. If you believe in these things, you have good blood.


The president, who has never worn a mask in public, again avoided wearing it in front of the cameras during his visit to the Ford factory, despite being asked to do so by both automaker Bill Ford and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat.

“I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing me” with the mask, Trump said when reporters asked him why he wasn’t wearing it.

He said he had worn the mask for part of his tour of the factory, and even showed it to the press and joked that it “looked good on him” — a dark blue mask with the official seal of the U.S. president.

However, Trump again avoided being caught on camera wearing a mask, which he justified as “not necessary” since he is tested for COVID-19 almost daily, despite the fact that his own government recommends wearing them in any public place.

After the visit, Ford issued a statement in which he explained that the president of the company “encouraged President Trump to wear a mask when he arrived, and (Trump) wore it during his private tour” of the plant, but “then he took it off.

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