U.S. President Donald Trump insisted this Tuesday during his visit to London that the investigation promoted by the Democrats to initiate a possible impeachment process against him is a “farce” for political ends.

Trump, who arrived last night in London to participate in the NATO summit on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the organization, referred to the eventual political trial before the work of the Judicial Committee of the U.S. Lower House begins.

“It’s a farce. The process is a farce, it became a farce. It has been done exclusively for political purposes,” he insisted.

“I think it’s not patriotic for the Democrats” to encourage this process and “it’s a bad thing for our country,” added Trump, who has argued that he has done nothing wrong with the accusations that he asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate candidate Joe Biden.

The Judicial Committee hearing will be held Wednesday, but the White House has ruled out sending the president’s lawyers.

The Intelligence Committee has worked on a report with evidence against Trump in the face of a possible impeachment, after the scandal erupted over the president’s pressure on Ukraine.

In order for the trial to succeed and Trump to be dismissed, it would take two-thirds of the votes of the narrowly conservative Senate.

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