Outgoing President Donald Trump said Sunday that he will not withdraw his rejection of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory by insisting on his unsubstantiated allegations of alleged election “fraud” despite the fact that the courts have dismissed his campaign complaints.

“My opinion is not going to change in six months,” Trump said in an interview on the conservative Fox television network, the first television station since the November 3 elections.
“There was a tremendous amount of cheating,” he added.

Trump’s renewed criticism on Sunday contrasts with court decisions that have dismissed his team’s election “fraud” claims in the absence of evidence.

“Saying that an election is unfair doesn’t make it so. The charges require specific accusations and then evidence. We have neither here,” Judge Stephanos Bibas of the Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Court of Appeals said Friday.
Bibas, in fact, was appointed by President Trump himself to the position.

On Thursday, Trump had first noted that he would leave office if the electoral college votes for Democrat Joe Biden.
“I certainly will, and you know that,” he said to reporters’ questions, after a call with troops deployed overseas for Thanksgiving, about whether he will leave the White House if Biden is voted into the polling station.

In the past week, results have been made official in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, three of the key states Trump lost in the election and which underpin the Democrat’s victory.

And this Sunday the recount of votes demanded by the president’s campaign in Wisconsin was completed, where Biden achieved a margin of victory of 20,000 votes, which is expected to be certified in the next few days.

His team, led by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, has only until December 8 to develop its legal strategy.

By that day all states should have resolved any disputes and the governor of each territory must send the certified results to Congress.

Trump has tried to thwart the electoral bureaucracy because, once each state’s count is confirmed, they commit their share of the Electoral College system on December 14 and transmit the result to Senate President and Vice President Mike Pence on January 6.

Once it is confirmed that Biden exceeds 270 electoral votes, the president-elect will inaugurate his term in a ceremony in front of the Capitol on January 20.
The results place Biden with 306 votes to 232 from Trump.

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