Despite the harsh criticism that the President of the United States has received since he decided to attack China and the World Health Organization for their respective responsibility in the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, he could be proved right.

The Associated Press found that after analyzing internal documents, emails and dozens of interviews, Chinese authorities delayed the delivery of the genetic map of the virus for more than a week.

From what they were able to discover, several government laboratories had decoded the virus’ genome earlier than they reported, thus withholding crucial details for designing tests, drugs and vaccines. According to these sources, the delay was probably due to strict information and competition controls within China’s public health system.

In addition, other issues reported from the AP are that Chinese authorities decided to share the genome information after a Chinese lab posted it on a virology Web site January 11. Still, it took another two weeks for them to give WHO the details it needed.

The terrible thing about this is that if they had acted in time from China, they might have been able to stop the outbreak, or at least not get to the point where it is today.

However, what the agency maintains is that the role played by the WHO is not entirely repugnant, since it is maintained by the contributions of the different countries, but it cannot force them to share information.

Therefore, the agency found itself largely without data, as China only provided them with the minimum and indispensable, making their work much more complicated. But they could be accused of not having taken the necessary measures, since from the beginning of the outbreak WHO tried to show Beijing in the most positive way.

At the time (before taking the concrete decision to cut off funds to the WHO), Trump had opined that “China has complete control of the WHO even though it only pays $40 million, compared to the amount of money we spend, which is about $450 million each year.

He added that the “Chinese authorities ignored their reporting obligations to the WHO and pressured it to mislead the world after first discovering them.

Now, what happens to the WHO without the funding from the United States? Clearly, the picture for the organization is rather bleak, but there is a flip side.
With the U.S. out of the picture, China has free rein to increase its influence. In fact, weeks ago, Beijing pledged an additional $1.1 billion, which Xi Jinping later expanded to $2 billion.

The world order is changing. What will happen in the future to all the world organizations that in some way control countries?


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