Today, President Donald Trump raised his criticism of the British ambassador in Washington, Kim Darroch, whom he described as “crazy, stupid and a pompous imbecile”, amid the controversy over the leakage of critical cables with his Administration.

“The crazy ambassador that the United Kingdom has endorsed over the US is not someone we’re happy with, a very stupid guy, he should talk to his country, and Prime Minister Theresa May about her failed brexit negotiation, and not be upset by my criticism for how badly it was managed” said Trump on his Twitter account.

“I do not know the ambassador, but I have been told that he is a pompous imbecile,” he added.

The UK International Trade Minister, Liam Fox, who is visiting the US capital was scheduled to meet this Tuesday with Ivanka Trump, daughter of the president and White House adviser.

It is not clear wether Darroch will accompany the British minister in these meetings, as is usual among heads of the diplomatic legations.

On Monday, the president announced that he will no longer deal with the British ambassador in Washington.

The replicas of Trump come after the controversy that emerged this weekend to leak documents written since 2017 in which Darroch criticized the US Administration.

In these texts, revealed by the British Sunday Mail on Sunday, the ambassador even said that to communicate with Trump is “necessary to present simple arguments, even tough” while calling his government “dysfunctional” and “inept.”

May, who will leave office at the end of the month, said she had “complete faith” in Darroch, through a British government spokesman, and considered the leaked diplomatic cables “totally unacceptable”.

Despite the historic “special relationship” between London and Washington, Trump has had tense links with continued attacks on May and several prominent politicians in the UK, including the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

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