U.S. President Donald Trump, after ordering U.S. troops out of Syria, said today that his country “should never have been involved in the Middle East”.

“These are wars between various groups that have continued for hundreds of years,” Trump said in a message on his Twitter account, before adding: “The U.S. should never have been involved in the Middle East”.

“I pulled out our 50 soldiers,” he added, referring to U.S. military personnel who have been collaborating with the Kurdish forces, Washington’s allies in the fight against the Jihadist Islamic State (EI) group in northern Syria.

Trump also referred to the 12,000 EI fighters that the militia led by the Kurds, the Forces of Democratic Syria (FSD), is holding captive, while 70,000 family members of the jihadists are in camps under Kurdish control.

“Turkey MUST take over the fighters of the Islamic state that Europe refuses to return”, he said.

“The endless stupid wars are ending for us,” concluded the president, who last Sunday, after having a telephone conversation with the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced by surprise the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and the imminent Turkish offensive in the north of the country, territory controlled by the Kurds.

Trump will receive Erdogan at the White House on November 13 and, in announcing the visit, considered that the relationship with Turkey, a NATO member and US trading partner, has been “very good”.

Relations between Ankara and Washington have suffered several ups and downs in recent years, especially since the failed assault in 2016, as Turkey demands the extradition of Turkish preacher Fethullah Gülen, whom Erdogan blames for the coup d’état and who lives in Pennsylvania (USA).

Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, which is considered the “green light” to Ankara for the offensive against the Kurds, the US allies, has provoked criticism both from the Democratic opposition and from its own political formation, the Republican Party.

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