Monterrey (Mexico), Jul 1.- Colombian Dorlan Pabón, striker for the Mexican Monterrey, said on Wednesday that the Rayados do not envy anything to any club in Europe and are ready to play in any league on that continent.

“This team does not envy anything to any European club, it is to play in any league, there are clubs in Europe that do not have what Monterrey, there we can rest easy, because Monterrey has something to talk about not only in Mexico, but in everyone, “said the Colombian.

For Pabón, the important thing for the Opening 2020 that starts on July 24 is to forget what happened in the Clausura 2020, in which Monterrey was last until the 10th date when the competition was suspended, far from the level of the championship obtained at the Apertura 2019.

“What happened is behind us, now we are ready to fight and look for the titles that the fans and management demand. This team is obliged to go and win everywhere, we are a great team that all the teams in Mexico want to win “he said by video conference.

Pabón arrived at Rayados de Monterrey in 2013, but in August he went to Valencia in the Spanish League, then he was in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before returning for Apertura 2014 with Monterrey and now he confessed to be proud of being named team captain. .

“Being captain of a team as big as Monterrey is a pride and means a lot.”

With the departure of the Argentine José María Basanta, former Rayados captain, who at 36 left Monterrey to try to finish his career in the Argentine league, Pabón was named captain of the team, a role he confessed he hopes to fulfill at the level of Basanta.

“Basanta left a high name as captain and I hope that I follow those nice steps, but the most important thing is that in this team we all have something of a captain because we all think and shoot for the same side, I am to be in the front, but captains we are all”.

The Colombian admitted that his intention is to leave a mark on the Rayados.

“I came to make history and I am making it, but I need a lot of things, I need to give more titles to this institution and to the people to go high and be able to say that I was making history, I have hierarchy to do it,” he concluded.

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