Santo Domingo, Aug 10.- A Dominican court definitively filed the complaint filed against former baseball player David Ortiz ‘Big Papi’ by his ex-partner Fary Almánzar, who accused him of verbal aggression and psychological violence, they reported this Monday your lawyers.

According to the archival document of the case, the Public Ministry verified that the events attributed to the former athlete as a result of the complaint filed by Almánzar last May “do not constitute a criminal offense.”

Through a press release issued by the law firm that represents him in the country, Ortiz expressed his satisfaction “for having culminated in a process that only intended to damage his image” and that led to the filing of respective restraining orders. , first by the woman, and then by the expelotero.

Likewise, Ortiz regretted that Almánzar insisted “in his desire to be bringing false information to the media, going so far as to impute abuse of power and fear for his life, with the sole objective of harassing and obtaining the support of the public opinion”.

The trigger for the confrontation is a house that the woman occupies in the touristy Samaná (northeast Dominican) and that is owned by Ortiz, who has asked his ex-partner to move with the son they both have in common to another home of the former athlete in Santo Sunday.

Almánzar denounced the former Major League Baseball player for committing “psychological violence” against her to force her to move.

Last June, Ortiz traveled to the house in Samaná when only his 12-year-old son was there, accompanied by his maternal grandmother.

According to Almánzar, Ortiz came in an “intimidating” attitude to pressure them to leave, something that the former player denied, who has always maintained that his attitude was “peaceful.”
Ortiz has another open case in the Dominican Republic, but as a victim, since in

June last year he was shot, supposedly by mistake, in a bar in the country’s capital, for which there are 14 people in prison.

‘Big Papi’ had to undergo several surgical operations in Santo Domingo and later in the United States.

The alleged perpetrator of the shots, according to the Dominican authorities, was looking for another individual, related to drug trafficking.

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