Houston (USA), Nov. 12.- The image of the Houston Astros is once again questioned after serious accusations made by its ex-launcher Mike Fiers that the Texan team stole the rivals’ signals through a hidden camera which presumably was placed in the central garden.

The information and the compromised statements were made known through “The Athletic”, the specialized sports medium of the Internet, where it is explained that the theft of the signals was made during the matches that the Astros played in their Minute Maid Park field in the 2017 season.

The Astros, so far, have not wanted to make any kind of statement and limited themselves to saying through a statement that they collaborate with the Major Leagues, which have already opened an investigation.

The Houston team said the organization had initiated an investigation in cooperation with the Major League, but declined to discuss more on the matter.

The Majors strengthened the rules on signal theft before the 2019 season, establishing procedures to ensure that the equipment does not use video systems.

“After we review this new information we will determine any necessary steps,” the Major League office said through an official statement.

Together with Fiers, three other people familiar with the matter and who were part of the team, but who did not want to be identified in the report, confirmed the alleged theft of signals, an action that is totally prohibited in the Major Leagues.

The 2017 season was when the Astros got for the first time in their history to win the World Series title by beating 4-3, best of seven, the Los Angeles Dodgers in the “Fall Classic.”

The report, which was published on Tuesday, notes that two of the anonymous people said the signals were stolen during the regular season and also in the playoffs, while a third source said they did not occur in the postseason competition.

Always according to the same anonymous sources, the newspaper report highlights that the beginning of the theft of signals through the system of a hidden camera was installed by a batter who did not go through a good time and a coach, of whom he did not They cite their names.

The system consisted of a video camera installed in the Minute Maid Park that was connected to a monitor in the tunnel, between the dugout and the Astros clubhouse, as expressed by “The Athletic”.

Then, players or workers communicated the expected launches by hitting garbage cans, which indicated a slow launch.

Fiers, who belonged to the Astros from 2015 to 2017, did not explain why he waited two years later to make the complaint, although he expressed his wish that the sport of baseball is getting cleaner.

“I just want them to clean the game a little, there are guys who are losing their job because they come in without knowing what happens,” said Fiers, 34, to the news media.

The journalistic denunciation and the investigation are given while the Astros are also in another matter that is followed by the Major Leagues.

This is the case of Brandon Taubman, deputy general manager, who was fired for directing inappropriate comments to reporters during the celebration after the triumph over the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series, on October 19.

The team published an initial statement in which it supported Taubman’s behavior and discredited the information published by the specialized magazine “Sports Illustred.”

But on October 24, Taubman was fired from office and the Astros sent a letter to the journalist who wrote the story in “Sports Illustred” to ask for “apologies” and accept that his first statement was a big mistake.

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