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Every day we hear about how important it is to be motivated in order to do everything we do in the best possible way, in politics as well. Being politically motivated is synonymous with having the attitude to face up to the fulfilment of objectives, the good work of things, with guarantees.

But what is motivation? Let me explain it to you.

Motivation is nothing more than that which helps us advance towards an objective with the intention of improving, it is the tailwind that pushes every activity so that it can be completed. Motivation is the prelude to movement whether it is physical, mental or emotional.

Motivation in political life is everything.

How many times do we hear about that candidate or political leader who speaks well, active in the political party, how well they do, talent, preparation, how they express themselves, their strength, etc. All this is fine, yes, but without motivation it is difficult to carry out any political project, and that which is worked on is done with an enormous effort and is often doomed to failure.


Motivation is an internal process, it is something sometimes inexplicable and it activates hidden elements or those that have been in pause without being able to exploit political actions or those related to the activity of a training or team. Many times neuromarketing can help us to decipher what others think, what actions call their attention, what motivates them more.

Motivation is able to get the best out of people, it changes the panorama as it is usually said and it manages to put in value many qualities and capacities of the members of an association or political party. In any case, there are many elements and external conditions that can influence it, some of these factors are the lack of political objectives, not knowing where we are going.

Also the absence of leadership or people capable of promoting the political project, along with the lack of communication both internally and externally to the party. Absence of recognition to the members of a party, a thank you, a well done, a “congratulations” on time.

The monotony in the activities or actions that are carried out within a political organization and the lack of professionalization in politics. Let’s keep in mind that a boring comrade is less profitable than someone who is entertaining or doing things for the party. We must break the routine with innovative and interesting challenges. It is important to let the members of a party themselves create their own challenges, make way for creativity and innovation.

A pressing problem is to assume that everything is going well without asking colleagues how they are doing or simply knowing what they are working on. Added to this is letting yourself get too carried away by what is happening or being said out there, the famous “what will they say?”.

Another factor that shows the lack of motivation is the lack of professional development, the lack of training and political coaching. In addition, one should avoid understanding how the functions performed in the political party are synonymous with being monotonous.

The unsurpassed chapter of not knowing and not making the members of the political formation participate in the decisions or news that affect the political company.

Finally, the not existing activity as for days, meetings, meetings where temporarily they could put in common ideas, achievements or make participants to all the members of the team and of the political project.

There are many more factors, I have only mentioned some of them, so perhaps one of the most important sections within working the lack of motivation in politics is to be aware of whether there is such a lack, if it really is a problem. From the years of experience I anticipate that it is usually the Achilles heel in many political groups or organizations.


In many occasions you find yourself with a deep dissatisfaction with what is being done within the political party and that affects very negatively the performance of men and women who can collaborate and work, in many occasions, in an altruistic and disinterested way.

You can also find a bad political climate, or what is the same what you breathe and smell inside the team, what you feel, what reaches the people who are inside the organization. In most cases because of a devastating need of communication, because of having created too hopeful and unrealistic expectations, or because of not having used a “can’t be” in time.

Many times Boreout’s syndrome appears, a syndrome that is characterized by a series of psychological alterations produced in the human being and that is capable of making see and pretend that something is being done, when in fact it is the opposite.


I’m sure that in your political formation you have a partner like that, the one who is always too busy and who doesn’t have time for anything else, he’s short of hours. It all stems from boredom, the lack of political challenges and the lack of interest in the current project.

At this point, it becomes essential to have people who are determined and capable of assuming political leadership, a strong leader without cracks. The ship’s captain who guides the whole crew to a good port, people who are able to reverse situations when people are not motivated. The absence of motivation also produces bad feeling, confrontation, tension, even desolation in political parties.

The political leader goes far beyond directing political projects, giving orders. In political leadership, it is necessary to have a great human component, with a high degree of empathy and never neglect the personal side of human relations.

People before being political figures are people, were people and will continue to be people.

Sooner or later, if a person is not happy within a team, he or she will end up leaving the political party, gradually dismantling the capacity and strength of the political party. Everyone has something to contribute, the question is to identify that quality that can be best used and we are not all good at everything.


The financial rewards are very short, they last as long as they last, they are fireworks. Everything that produces discomfort is always present and to avoid that uncomfortable situation we must reverse the situation with other actions that do not contemplate the economic contribution at all.

Why are the headquarters of political parties so boring? Why don’t these spaces become dynamic with other activities that are not merely political? Couldn’t the premises of the political party be used to promote neighbourhood meetings or for other purposes?

We spend a lot of time in our daily lives talking and living with politics, in the street, at our work place, at the party headquarters, surely more than in our own private environment or in our own home. All the more reason to give a twist to social coexistence.

Therefore, before thinking about how to win elections or govern, it is the responsibility of the company or political organization to implement the initiatives and activities necessary to facilitate a healthy and pleasant political working environment. If it does not do so, it is better to devote itself to something else.

The human being tends to form part of groups, gangs, has a predisposition towards associationism, a motivated team is contagious, an unmotivated team separates its components, isolates them and ends up breaking their unity.

Some of the most frequent and habitual practices to increase the satisfaction and motivation of the people who are in a political party, can be to promote activities outside the political scope, to attend an excursion, a trip, a party, a food.

In addition, we have the commitment to find keys to improve political communication at all levels and in all directions. Finally, invite group participation, correct in private and acknowledge in public.

Without motivation there is nothing, it all comes down to attempts, opinions, criticism and, in the best of cases, presence, vase style.



——————–Opinion article written by Isaac Manuel Hernández Álvarez about the art of loyalty of a team in politics.
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