Mexico, Jul 2.- The Argentine Brandon ‘Josedeodo’ Villegas, jungle of Rainbow7, team of the Latin American League of League of Legends (LLA), assured this Thursday that the reinforcement in the central lane, the Chilean Tomás ‘Aloned’ Díaz, The Summoner’s Rift gives more rotation to the Mexican squad.

“Aloned moves more around the map. Before it was more of short rotations, now he takes more risks on the map and not only on his line,” he explained.

Aloned, who returned to the LLA after his time in Brazil that started from the end of 2019, became Rainbow7’s new ‘mid laner’ after the role change of Francisco ‘Leza’ Jara, now a shooter.

The Chilean arrived in Mexico two weeks ago, so he could not play the first week of Clausura 2020. On the second day, Aloned joined the squad and the organization achieved its first two victories.

“This Rainbow7 has more versatility in the teams of champions (unlike last tournament). Now we have a better style of middle and jungle play, before we always played in the upper and lower lanes, in the middle there were always many clashes,” said the South American.

Josedeodo and Aloned played together in Furious Gaming in 2018 and 2019; both emerged from the quarry of the skull, which has subsidiaries in the national leagues of Argentina and Chile.

“Our styles of play are always going to be the same, we know what the other is going to be, what he is going to try, we know how to play because we did it together for a long time,” added Josedeodo.

Regarding the change of role of Leza, the Argentine recommended to the Mexican to be more daring and to learn the position of shooter, since when he faces the Argentine Matías ‘WhiteLotus’ Musso, from Infinity Esports, and Fabián ‘Warangelus’ Llanos, from Isurus , the game will be more aggressive.

“Personally, at the Apertura I was more pressured when it came to playing mechanically, now I am calmer, I know that if I do things well the team will work better, that air of tranquility is more noticeable when I speak and play” he confessed.

Rainbow7 will face Infinity and Furious in week 3 of the Closure of the LLA, which will mark the reunion of Aloned with his ex-squad.

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