The Taliban expressed today that U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel the peace talks will end up hurting the United States, also adding that they believe Washington will return to the negotiating table.

“Trump has cancelled negotiations with the Islamic Emirate (as the Taliban call themselves), this will hurt mostly the U.S. itself,” the insurgent formation said in a statement hours after the U.S. president resorted to the social network Twitter to announce his decision.

Trump justified his decision to suspend a “secret” meeting at Camp David (USA) with the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan planned for this Sunday and to end negotiations because of a recent attack in Kabul that left twelve dead, among them a US soldier.

“This reaction to an attack before signing the agreement shows neither patience nor experience,” said the Taliban.

In recent months, Afghanistan has witnessed an upsurge in violence over the possibility of a possible agreement between the United States and the Taliban that would include the withdrawal of troops from the country.

The Taliban said they are still willing to sit down and negotiate and believe the United States “will return to this position as well”.

Both sides were “busy making preparations for the announcement and signing of the agreement” until yesterday, the insurgents ventured”.

The Taliban claimed that if the United States does not return to the negotiating table, nothing prevents them from returning to war until Afghanistan is free of foreign presence.

The decision to suspend negotiations has been received with some relief by Kabul, who reacted today to Trump’s decision by accusing the Taliban of slowing down the peace process with the latest attacks, while calling for a ceasefire and the start of intra-Afghan negotiations.

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