Steve King, notorious for his anti-immigrant statements, loses his primary


Republican Iowa Congressman Steve King, notorious for his advocacy of white nationalism and anti-immigrant positions, lost the primary within his party when voters repudiated his ineffectiveness in Congress where even his co-religionists did not support him.

King, 71, who has been in Congress for 18 years, called his opponent, State Senator Randy Feenstra, to congratulate him on the victory and warned that “there are some powerful elements in the ‘swamp’ that will make for tremendous opposition.

The reference to the “swamp” comes from a promise made by now President Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign that he would “clean up the swamp” of alleged corruption in the political system and in the seats of power in Washington.

According to the as yet unofficial results released by the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office, Fenestra received 45.7% of the vote and King got 36%. The remaining votes were distributed among other candidates for the seat that King has held in Congress since 2002.

In January 2019, as King began his ninth term in the U.S. Congress, Republican Party leaders stripped him of all his congressional committee assignments, and even President Donald Trump disowned him as this year’s primaries approached.

As an example of his controversial statements, during an interview with The New York Times in January 2019, the congressman wondered “how the terms white nationalist, white supremacist and Western civilization have become offensive.

Last June, when Trump paid a visit to Iowa, the White House forbade King from flying with the president on the presidential plane.

These comments followed others he had made throughout his political career in favor of white nationalist ideas, the European far right, and controversies with Jews, African Americans, Latinos or immigrants.

Not surprisingly, the representative for Iowa was one of the worst enemies of immigration and Hispanics for years in Washington.

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