The Spanish justice system either prosecutes, or will be prosecuted



This saying goes back to ancient Rome. It says that dogs do not eat the carrion of their own kind.
A few days ago, we heard about the filing of a lawsuit in the Spanish Supreme Court against the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez, the Minister of Health Salvador Illa and the epidemiologist (the doctor without shampoo or the Spanish Garfunkel Fernando Simón).

The Magistrate of the Second Criminal Chamber of the Spanish High Court says that he is studying the viability of this complaint in order to admit it, or not.
This Magistrate is the same one who issued the shameful sentence in the trial of the “procés” that was held against a group of Catalan separatists who wanted to break Spain’s unity.

The “role” that the Court played and made by prosecuting those who misspent money and encouraged citizens to participate in an illegal referendum. There was no doubt that there was violence on the part of these traitors.
However, Judge Marchena, who is his name, said that all of this was the result of a dream and that “let bygones be bygones“.
Moreover, the sentence did not contemplate a minimum time of imprisonment to reach the third degree, so that soon the convicted soloists will be on the streets.

And this is going to happen with the lawsuit filed by hundreds of relatives of those who died from the coronavirus. Does anyone really think that the person who has been appointed as a judge by the political powers that be is going to prosecute the president of the Spanish government, the Minister of Health, who you see, is Catalan, and the shampoo-less doctor?

Not a chance. That will never happen.
They will simply say, at most, that this lawsuit has no criminal significance whatsoever and will open the doors of the Civil Jurisdiction for you to demand some money as compensation and that all Spaniards will pay the money that the Ministry of Finance squeezes out of them.

The judge will not want to see how the toilets themselves spread videos of how to make robes from rubbish bags.

It is an indecency that health personnel have been unprotected and have had to go and publish a tutorial to show fellow workers how to protect themselves against the coronavirus because the Spanish government was incapable of protecting them.
And all this as problems are faced in Spain: with grace and ease because there is no other way.

Neither would the health workers, nor the police, nor the patients have been protected during this pandemic while billions of euros were spent on failed materials and large fees.

Even nuns in convents have become suppliers of such material.

And what did they do while the Spanish government was at it? Lie.
And what else? Continue to lie.
And what will they do from now on? The only thing he knows how to do: lie and deceive the Spanish people.

And what will the new Judge Marchena, president of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court, do when he receives the investigation opened by the judge of the Court of Instruction number 51 of Madrid, with respect to the events of March 8th, when he considers that there are indications of crimes of obstruction of justice and coercion to reveal judicial secrets, by the ex-Judge of the National Court, In the meantime, he has been a persecutor and whip-cracker of the members of the terrorist group ETA, now semi-legalised through his political arm, Bildu, the new Judge Marlaska, now a faithful Minister of the Interior for the political postulates that his bosses and fellow politicians Sanchez and Iglesias are trying to impose, and a staunch defender of the rights of these murderers.

Will Judge Marchena proceed to trial against Judge Marlaska?

Will he declare himself not competent to preside over a trial against his fellow student?
Or perhaps you remember that Justice will be observed inside and outside Spain and consequently, will proceed criminally against Judge Marlaska, former scourge and current friend of ETA prisoners.

There are plenty of reasons to prosecute all these riffraff who hold the future of Spain in their hands.
Will Judge Marlaska do it? You can be sure he won’t.
Maybe he’ll say that the coronavirus pandemic was another dream or that Marlaska is a great guy, an excellent minister and unworthy of sitting on a bench in a Spanish courtroom.
Or perhaps he does as he did with the Catalan referendum.

And the fact is, dog does not eat dog, or in this case, the judge does not prosecute judge. Much less Dr. Sanchez, with a doctorate in Pathological Sciences, where Dr. Sanchez’s best client is the Social and Political Psychopath of Pablo Iglesias, aka the Coletas.

We hope that Judge Marchena surprises us all and that, at least in these cases, Spaniards can feel proud of Justice and of Judge Marchena’s performance.
That is our sincere wish


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