Soros’ money influences every level of American politics


Many liberals and left wing candidates in elections around the world have won or were close in the many different elections in many countries. But what do these candidates have in common? George Soros.

More local attorneys have won elections this cycle with the help of money tied to megadonor George Soros, raising additional questions about the billionaire’s apparently ongoing campaign to influence local law enforcement. Soros, for example, donated $2 million to the California Justice and Safety PAC, which backed Democrat George Gascón of Los Angeles. Shalena Cook Jones, the Democratic district attorney-elect for Chatham County in Georgia, also won her race after receiving at least $80,000 in advertising support from that same PAC, according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

In St. Louis, Soros’ PACs reportedly contributed $116,000 to Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner’s re-election bid, which she won. Earlier this year, Gardner brought felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who brandished guns while confronting protesters at their home.

Soros-connected victories are nothing new in world politics but now Soros’ money is influencing local politics. Last year, The Washington Post reported that the Justice and Public Safety PAC had fed progressive challengers nearly $1 million in Arlington and Fairfax Counties’ (Virginia) Democratic primaries for prosecutor. And in 2016, a Republican running for district attorney in Henry County, Georgia exited the race after Soros Fund Management backed his opponent.

George Gascon, the Los Angeles District Attorney backed by billionaire George Soros, has vowed to help criminal illegal aliens avoid deportation by reducing penalties, jail-time, and prosecutions against them. Gascon was sworn in this week and immediately ended cash bail for suspects charged with crimes as well as the death penalty for prosecutors to use against defendants. Similar to those changes, Gascon has previously stated that he will set up two justice systems for criminal defendants — those who are American citizens and those who are foreign nationals.


Gascon has proposed reducing “prosecution of low-level, ‘quality of life’ offenses” such as drug possession, driving without a license, and public urination, so that illegal aliens who are arrested for these crimes do not face what Gascon deems “outsized immigration ramifications, due to the booking and fingerprint sharing between local law enforcement and immigration authorities following an arrest.”

Even further, Gascon plans to “limit exposure to immigration enforcement” for criminal illegal aliens by reducing jail-time so that suspects are booked and almost immediately released.

California is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, shielding them from arrest and deportation by ICE agents even if they are charged or convicted with crimes, including violent crimes. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office enforces a strict sanctuary city policy that effectively bans officials from handing over criminal illegal aliens to ICE.


Estimates from 2019 have suggested that about 100 criminal illegal aliens are released from jail in Los Angeles County every day. Federal data has found that about 8-in-10 criminal illegal aliens freed by a sanctuary city go on to commit additional crimes.


Soros financial activities caught the attention of Attorney General William Barr, who warned last year that the trend would lead to more violent crime. More recently, Soros-connected attorneys have participated in “Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commissions,” which teamed with an organization that’s in favor of defunding the police.


The 90-year-old financier has long been seen by the right wing as a bogeyman lurking behind almost every controversial issue in US politics, from gun control to migration, and is frequently accused of pulling political strings behind the scenes.


That Soros has ‘taken controversial positions’ is irrefutable. The man is known around the world as a crusader for liberal causes including more open migration policies and drug policy reform.

He has given money to the presidential campaigns of Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton but his support for political causes stretches beyond the US.

He has also backed the independence of several separatist states and played a key role in funding a number of countries that emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union. And his money also helped presidents get elected in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela and many other countries.

Soros has also been accused of funding and organizing a caravan of Central American migrants who travelled to the US in 2017-18.

Jewish-born Soros escaped Nazi persecution as a child in Hungary by changing his name assuming another identity but fled when Communist rule was imposed.

He studied in London before beginning a career in banking in the UK and US and went on to amass billions through hedge funds and founded Open Society Foundations – a charity to which he has donated more than $32billion.

Critics say Soros uses the charity to exert power and influence internationally.

He said his philanthropic efforts with Open Society are intended to build flourishing democracies but admits in the film that his wealth gives him ‘a degree of power’.

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