Former South Carolina Governor and former Republican Congressman Mark Sanford announced Sunday his challenge to President Donald Trump as he sought the party’s candidacy for the White House in the 2020 election.

“I’m here to say now that I’m going into the race,” Sanford said on the conservative Fox network, the current president’s favorite.

“I think we need to have a conversation about what it means to be a Republican. As the Republican party, we’ve lost our way,” he said, referring to Trump’s unorthodox policies.

The former governor pointed out that one of his priorities will be to warn about the growing budget deficit and the country’s high indebtedness, which have increased under Trump’s government.

Sanford thus becomes the third conservative figure to run for primaries against the president, and joins former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld.

However, polls show that none of them have a chance of ousting the superb real estate firm for the 2020 presidential elections, as Trump has around an 80% support among Republican voters.

However, these results show the discomfort that much of the Republican Party continues to feel about who has been its leader for three years.
On the other side, the Democratic battle is extremely open, with almost twenty candidates.

For now, polls are led by former Vice President Joe Biden, followed by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders.

However, the fight for the November 2020 presidential elections is a long one.

The first date at the polls won’t happen until February next year when the Iowa caucuses are held, while the bipartisan conventions at which their candidates will be formally elected will take place in the middle of next year.

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