Madrid, Sep 16.- Spanish Formula One driver Carlos Sainz (McLaren-Renault) said Monday that maintaining the seventh position he currently holds in the World Cup and the fourth place of McLaren-Renault would be “a very good position” and He was optimistic about the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix.

“If we manage to finish fourths in the Constructors’ World Cup, it will be because I have achieved another good point roll by the end of the year, and that will put me in a good position at the end of the year. very very good, “Sainz said during a press conference in Madrid.

The Madrid driver was positive in the face of the next Singapore Grand Prix next Sunday, in a circuit that recalled “always” he has done well, where he achieved his best position in a race, a fourth place in 2017, and in the He has scored three of the four times he has visited.

“After these last two races – he had two dropouts, in Belgium and Italy – I feel like doing it again with the team, I think it can be a decent circuit for us and see how it goes,” Sainz said.

However, the McLaren Spanish driver recalled that the fourth place of 2017 in Marina Bay took place in a rain race – in which he was benefited by an accident of the Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull), the Finn Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari ) and the German Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) -, something that “does not happen every day”, so in a dry asphalt test, your aspirations will be lower.

“If it is a dry race in Singapore our goal is to be the fourth best team, finish sixth or seventh. If it rains it can be an unpredictable race, such as 2017, and we can fight for something else, but for that we do not depend on us themselves, “Sainz explained.

The Madrid driver faces this last third of the season “relatively rested” after the summer break, a summer “much quieter” than in other seasons thanks to the “stability” that gives him a two-season contract with McLaren, this and the next one, which makes him ambitious in the future.

“Having two years of contract in a team like McLaren always helps, and we want more, we don’t want to be here to be fourth in the World Constructors, we want to continue progressing as a team and as a brand, but this first half of the season has been very positive “Sainz valued.

A campaign that, in Ecuador, Sainz believes has offered “very good results” especially since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku where he was seventh. Since then he has scored in all races except three -Canada, where he was eleventh, and the last two dropouts in Belgium and Italy-.

“From Baku we made very good results, which have put us in a good situation and perhaps the same ahead of the objectives we set ourselves,” McLaren said.

The progress of this season, the “restructured” team with which it has in the English team and the possibility of having a wind tunnel in the Woking factory (United Kingdom), make the Spanish pilot be optimistic for the future.

“Everything remains to improve, when you are a second from where you want to be, in the ‘pole’ and winning races, that second is on all sides, in aerodynamics, in the youth of the team, since it has been restructured we are a team young man, and we have to give him time. We have a wind tunnel plan for 2 years, and for me that is the biggest step McLaren has to take, “he said.

Therefore, for next year, Sainz said that there is already “much advanced” of his next car, although the real change will be in 2021, with the expected regulatory changes.

“Until 2021, for teams like McLaren, Renault or Racing Point it will cost a lot to approach Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull, who are clearly ahead of us, as a team, until we have our own wind tunnel we will not be able to having everything done at home and being able to do everything we would like to do with the 2021 car, “Sainz insisted.

The Madrid rider also spoke about the future of Formula One, which will expand his calendar next season with one more race, until 22 tests, a number that for Sainz is close to the “limit” that the teams can support.

“I think 22 is fine, especially for the drivers, I don’t mind going to 24, but there are people on the teams that will suffer much more than the drivers, and that must be taken into account, because there would be that having two structures, several teams … I think that we have to take that into account, 22 races are fine but I think that the limit is being reached, “Sainz argued.

The Madrid rider participated in a press conference in Madrid with the sponsorship director of the McLaren team, Dan McEwan, and the marketing director of the Estrella Galicia beer brand, José Cabanas.

The head of the British team explained that having an alignment of pilots as young as the one formed by Sainz (25 years) and the British Lando Norris (19) allows them to better approach their communication strategies to the young public.

For its part, the spokesman for the beer company called the current one a “very sweet moment” in his relationship with Sainz for the good results, and wished that many more moments like the current one were lived.

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