Denver (Colorado, USA), Jun 29.- Colorado Rockies outfielder Ian Desmond reported tonight that he will choose not to play this season, due to high risk from the coronavirus.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made this baseball season one that is a risk I’m not comfortable with,” he wrote at the end of a long Instagram post that touched on race and opportunities for youth baseball players. .

Desmond, who was born in Sarasota, Florida, wrote that he will not “leave baseball behind for a year. I will be here, in my old Little League, and I am working with everyone involved to make sure we get Sarasota Youth. Baseball is back the track. It’s what I can do, in the scheme of so much. So I’m doing it. ”

Desmond noted that “with a pregnant wife and four young children who have many questions about what is happening in the world, home is where I need to be now,” he wrote.

During Monday, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Mike Leake and Washington Nationals players first baseman Ryan Zimmerman and pitcher Joe Ross announced that they will also not play in the 2020 season.

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