Asunción, Dec. 1-Olimpia grazes the title of the Clausura, and with it the four-time champion, defeating San Lorenzo today (4-1), again with a recital of an intractable Roque Santa Cruz, who scored three goals and was erected in the absolute scorer of the tournament.

The game was played at the same time as Cerro Porteño-Libertad, the escort, who won at home (1-3) and thus prevented the leader from proclaiming himself the winner of the Clausura this Sunday, on the twentieth day.

In the absence of two duels, Olympia adds 50 points, for 44 Freedom.

Olympia now depends on itself and a draw is enough next Sunday against Guaraní on the leader’s court, Manuel Ferrerira.

A tie or defeat today of Libertad, and a victory of Olympia would have anticipated the celebration at the Defensores del Chaco in advance.

However, what was experienced in the Defensores was a great appetizer of a celebration that is within reach for the team of Argentine coach Diego Garnero, and that was savored by the thousands of fans who gave encouragement to the Dean.

A crowd that returned to unnervate with his team and, above all, with Santa Cruz, owner and lord of the Clausura, with eight goals in the last three games and with twelve that put him at the head of the scoreboard.

However, the first of the game was San Lorenzo, in the fifth minute and Alejandro Toledo’s boots.

From there, the Dean turned to the victory, which was forged with a draw, from a Santa Cruz dribble past the Uruguayan side Maximiliano Olivera, in the 42nd minute.

And three minutes later, Olivera scored the second, with a heel right.

In the second part, Santa Cruz settled with the third for the Dean, with a cross shot that beat Wilson Quiñóñez.

And already in the rales, the former Malaga player signed after shooting Quiñóñez, who cleared the ball again to Santa Cruz, who this time did not forgive.

By the time the public chanted the striker’s name, Libertad had already resolved in the New Pot, where he began seizing up and giving spaces to Cerro Porteño, which only had brief bursts of danger.

Thus, in the 53rd minute Antonio Bareiro released the score by picking up a pass from the Colombian Macnelly Torres.

In the 65th minute he came 2-0, with a puncture of Diego Viera before the passivity of the defense of the Cyclone, which made the statue.

Cerro Porteño, third of the table, tried and in 74 came the goal, with Diego Churín a great header that Juan Carrizo could not clear.

However, Gumarelo sentenced 3-1 with a play similar to that of the first goal, again with Torres attending and Bareiro of Executioner of the Cyclone.

The twentieth day continues on Monday with the Capiatá-Nacional and ends on Tuesday the Luqueño-General Díaz, these fighting, like the Capiateños, to avoid the descent.

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