San Juan, Jul 1 .- The secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Recreation and Sports, Adriana G. Sánchez, has recommended that athletes from their country avoid traveling abroad and that local teams do not invite or require the participation of any International athlete on the island, as indicated in a letter detailing the rules applicable to sports activities that will be in effect as of this Wednesday.

This circular letter allows the reactivation of sports and recreational activities collectively or with all the members of a team, taking the necessary precautionary measures to safeguard the collective health, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Likewise, as of July 15, it authorizes the resumption of professional league tournaments with the public, except professional boxing and combat sports.

Likewise, it stipulates that, from August 1, the resumption of competitive events in all other non-professional leagues will be allowed.

“We issue this circular letter with the parameters to carry out the sports and recreational activities that will be allowed starting today, Wednesday, July 1, and the authorization for professional leagues to begin their sporting events with the public from July 15 These activities are authorized, but each federation and entity is responsible for complying with the safety protocols in order to ensure the health of our athletes, “Sánchez reported.


During the period from five in the morning to ten at night, until July 22, sports and recreational team training will be allowed, including combat or mixed martial arts.

Likewise, in the aforementioned schedule, sporting events will be allowed only from professional leagues, except professional boxing and other combat sports, which may resume from August 1, with the public.

In the case of minors, they may also carry out team training while keeping six feet apart, without allowing physical contact between athletes.
Each coach, coach or club must maintain a person in contact with the DRD.

The minors will be accompanied by a single person who must remain outside the training area at all times.

“For sports events carried out by professional leagues, the courts or the ‘venue’ that will be used must comply with the rules and guidelines set forth in the Executive Order,” said the Secretary.

In this sense, each league “must send the DRD a compliance certification that includes the capacity of people and security measures for the public, as well as their security protocols and other documentation, with no less than 48 hours prior to the celebration of the event, “he added.


Additionally Sánchez pointed out that the massive activities remain suspended, “no competitive events, blackouts, or other similar activity may be held until August 1, with the exception of professional leagues.”

In turn, the circular establishes the rules related to bowling alleys, whose reopening is authorized as of July 1.

The operation of these establishments is limited to 75 percent of the occupation established in the current building code in Puerto Rico or firefighter certification.

They will operate exclusively on the basis of reserves.

Like other sports entities, they must send their protocol to the Department for approval.

Likewise, all entities that wish to restart their sports activities must register on the EL MARCADOR platform, enabled by the DRD, where the contact point will accredit and certify that they comply with all the measures established by the Government of Puerto Rico.

The circular letter also specifies that, with at least 48 hours prior to the reopening of the permitted activities, sports entities must provide the Secretary with their strict security protocol.

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