Puerto Rico’s representative to Congress in Washington, D.C., Jenniffer Gonzalez, announced Wednesday the approval of $11.5 million in federal funds for 13 Centers 330, to control the epidemic of opioid overdose and for child care services.

In a press release, Gonzalez explained that the $11.5 million comes from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Some of the 330 Centers that will receive assistance are Castañer General Hospital $35,000, the Corporation of Primary Medical Services and Prevention of Hatillo $30,000, the Family Health Center (Palmieri) of Arroyo 58,736 and Patillas Community Governing Board $44,000.

In addition, the Morovis Community Health Center received $35,000, the Loíza Comprehensive Health Council $40,000, the Lares Health Center $39,000, Barceloneta Primary Health Services $30,000, and Camuy Health Services $30,000.

Similarly, the Health Council of Puerto Rico received $60,000, the Municipality of San Juan $29,586; NeoMed Center received $64,000; the Corporation for Health Services and Advanced Medicine received $92,355, and the HPM Foundation received $89,371.

These centers are known as Centers 330 because they receive funds from the federal government through section 330 of the Public Health Service Act.

On the other hand, the Puerto Rico Department of Health received an allocation of $2.4 million to control the epidemic of opioid overdose.

In addition, the NCI awarded $864,953 under the cancer control program for the “Puerto Rico Minority Underserved NCI Community Oncology Research Program.

For its part, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences allocated $305,664 for the project “Bioactive cellulose-nanodiamond (CeND) scaffolds for applications in craniofacial bone tissue regeneration” within the pharmacological, physiological and biological chemistry education and research program.

In addition, the HHS Health Resources and Services Administration has allocated various items of funding totaling $7.9 million for social services, health services, and planning.

Under these funds, the Puerto Rico Department of Health received $1.1 million for the “Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Homevisiting Grant Program” within the social services category.

In addition, the local Health Department received $6.6 million for the Ryan White Part B Supplemental program under the health services category.

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