A total of 76 people were arrested this Saturday in New York during a protest over a contract Microsoft has with U.S. immigration authorities, through which several organizations believe the company is allowing “its technology to be used in racist campaigns”.

According to local media, protesters criticize the technology company for doing business with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The protest, held in front of one of Microsoft’s stores on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, was called by several organizations such as Close the Camps and the Harvest Movement, which tried to block the central road.

“New York demands that Microsoft terminate its contract with ICE, as well as other technology companies that are taking advantage of our suffering,” said the Harvest Movement on Twitter.

According to a statement from Close the Camps, the technology giant “is allowing ICE to use its technology in racist campaigns against immigrants and people who are legally seeking asylum”.

Beatriz Lozano, one of the organizers of the protest, who forced Microsoft to close the store, said in a statement that “by being complicit in the actions (of corporations) we are being complicit in the harassment of the Latino community and the racist torture and trauma being inflicted on them”.

In April 2018, the United States initiated a controversial policy of “zero tolerance” against immigration, in the framework of which Donald Trump’s government separated nearly 3,000 minors from their parents, a measure that was finally suspended in mid-June of that year due to the enormous criticisms received.

The crisis continued in October 2018, with the departure of several caravans of thousands of Central Americans to the U.S., whose authorities began to take measures to curb the flow of migrants, including a regulation to deny asylum to undocumented migrants on the southern border who have passed through Mexico or other countries without having asked for such protection there.

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