Chris Palombi is a former U.S. Capitol Police Officer, and also a self-taught web programmer and designer. He is an advocate for maintaining constitutional liberties , individual rights and freedoms, fiscal responsibilities, and limited government.

Mr. Palombi lived almost all his life in Calvert County, Maryland, where he currently resides with his wife and three kids. He is a firm believer that his tenure working for the Capitol allowed him to witness the inner workings of how Congress operates, making him a good option for representing Maryland’s 5th District, and unseat current long standing representative, the Democrat Steny Hoyer.

Here are his answers to our Candidate Questionnaire.

1. Why are you running?

The divisive politics in our nation’s capital has led to the lack of preservation of individual rights and freedoms for all citizens, as well as reckless spending of taxpayers’ money.
For too long the constituents have been ignored and taken for granted and it is time for a change.

We need fresh and invigorating representation not hampered by special interests and national political aspirations. This is why I am running for Congress for Maryland’s 5th Congressional District.

It would be an honor to serve the people of Maryland’s 5th Congressional District.
Together we can ensure our nation’s bright future.

2. What are the main challenges in your district and what are your proposals?

Maryland’s 5th Congressional District is fairly large and diverse. One of the biggest complaints I hear from constituents is the lack of representation. The issues of the average constituent in the 5th District have not been addressed.

Sadly, the majority of the citizens in our district have been sold a lot of opinions with little substance. I will talk and listen to constituents to understand their concerns and also work with the hope of a resolution that benefits the greater good of our district and for our country.

I am proud of my passion to listen to others. I am willing to listen to different viewpoints and ideas because with discussion there is always an opportunity to discover new solutions to existing problems.

We are too diverse as human beings to all have the same perspectives and life experiences. That is the greatness of our country. We must embrace these differences and have the willingness to listen, learn, and grow from such diversity of thought.

The national debt, infringements of our constitutional rights and liberties, and partisanship are troubling issues we need to face as well. Partisanship inhibits the ability of Congress to work on reducing the national debt and enforcing laws to ensure our unalienable rights and liberties.

I am an advocate for free-market principles and stand with pro-growth policies. It is the free market that will better promote a healthy competitive economy, and empower individuals to more opportunities and jobs. When companies compete, without the government picking winners and losers, the consumers and economy win.

3. How do you assess the government – White House and Congress – amidst the Coronavirus crisis?

The government must stop the partisan politics. There is too much finger-pointing and opportunism right now on Capitol Hill. Who loses out on that? The people.
Congress passed the CARES Act, which gave people a stimulus check and also assisted some small businesses.

While the bill has measures to greatly assist the people in these times, the price tag of added provisions and earmarked projects, which have little to do with assisting our country in the Coronavirus situation, is astronomical.

I do agree with Congress funding loans and grants to support small businesses. Congress should focus more on allocating funding for medical supplies and PPE equipment to support the demand of our health infrastructure.

We should make sure we are prepared for the current, as well as the chance of future outbreaks. We also have incredible science and University research institutes in the world. We need to figure out how ways we can support them to help with the health security of the country.

The health and well being of the people is a priority. Unfortunately, the longer we are shut down, with more businesses and jobs at risk, the long term effects will cause added health issues. We need to look outside the box for solutions to safely get people back to work as quickly as possible.

4. What is your position on immigration?

Immigration laws have been one area in Congress that has seen all talk and no solutions. Congress needs to act on improving conditions at our border, to know who is coming in, and to better streamline the process to allow those who wish to enter our nation legally.
We live in the greatest nation on Earth.

It’s no wonder why so many wishes to immigrate here seeking the American Dream and a better life. Legal immigration is a huge benefit to our nation.

As a nation, we need a solution to the number of undocumented immigrants within the country.
We need a way forward for otherwise law-abiding residents who have been in this country for a long period of time a pathway to citizenship.

5. Are you satisfied with President Trump’s policies?

I am. When you look at his policies, and what he accomplished during his first term, they have greatly benefited the country across the board.

The tax cuts greatly benefited citizens, enabled rapid job growth, and gave a huge boost to our economy. Over 4 million jobs were created, and more people were employed than ever before in our nation’s history (prior to the Coronavirus crisis).

Economic growth hit 4.2% (a number the preceding administration said would not be possible).  More Americans have been lifted off of food stamps and government support.
Veterans Affairs have been improved with the VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act.

Enacted a rule to require transparency with hospitals and insurers to disclose charges and rates. Right-to-Try legislation was passed, allowing eligible patients to have access to clinical trial therapies and drugs.

Our NATO allies are now contributing more of their fair-share.  Criminal justice reform has seen improvements, specifically with the passing of the First Step Act.

One thing I hope to see great strides in for the future, that I did not see in the first term so far, is constraining the growth of our national debt. The national debt is at more than $23 trillion dollars and climbing. Within the next 10 years, the interest payment alone on the debt is projected to cost taxpayers 1/5 of the federal budget.

That’s OUR taxpaying dollars. Of course, this falls more under the U.S. Congress. Congress must take ownership of their constitutional duty to maintain the purse of the nation,
and balance the budget.

Overall, a lot has been accomplished so far in his first term. Whether you like or dislike President Trump, our country has been doing very well (with exception to the virus

6. Do you support or oppose USMCA? Why?

I support the passing of the USMCA deal. It had broad bipartisan support and it modernized trade between the three nations. When I was living in Michigan for college, I would often read of auto manufacturing jobs and facilities closing due to outsourcing. NAFTA enabled the loss of over a million US jobs.

USMCA will slow the outsourcing of American jobs lost due to NAFTA. According to the International Trade Commission, this passing of the bill would create more new jobs and increase our nation’s gross domestic product to $68 billion. The policy strengthened labor laws and workers rights.

Under NAFTA, corporations could sue countries if they felt NAFTA was violated, at taxpayer expenses. That has been removed in USMCA. The agreement does require us to import food that does not meet U.S. safety standards which I do not agree with.

While the trade deal is not perfect, it will have a much better overall impact on our nation, and improve trade between our greatest trade partners and allies.

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