Donald Trump is carrying out his own de-escalation of the coronavirus restrictions and Andrzej Duda’s visit is charged with political intent. Despite the cold relations with Washington’s traditional European allies, since Trump’s arrival in power in January 2017, the harmony between the two leaders has materialized in multiple agreements.

Such as the inclusion of Poland in the visa waiver program last September, or cooperation in the development of 5G technology. Trump’s fight against the European allies for their contributions to NATO was key in the appearance of both leaders. Poland is one of the member countries of the Alliance that complies with the spending target of 2% of GDP.

Duda himself, responding to the media together with Trump, in the gardens of the White House, described the withdrawal of troops from Europe by the United States as a mistake, but the Republican reaffirmed his announcement a week ago. He assured that some 25,000 of the 52,000 soldiers on German soil will leave their post to return home or to be stationed in other countries.

In September 2019, the two leaders already signed a joint declaration on the progress of bilateral cooperation in military matters and since then, a headquarters has been inaugurated in Poznan under US command. During an earlier visit by Duda to Washington a year ago, Warsaw sealed a deal for the purchase of 32 F-35 fighters.

The most advanced American-made model. It was then that Trump pledged to send another 1,000 American soldiers to reinforce NATO operations on Polish soil. Since 2016, two years after Russia’s illegal annexation of the Crimea, some 4,500 US military personnel are present in the country on a rotating basis.

Just at the meeting a year ago the president had assured that the troops would come from the military contingent deployed in Germany. The increase in the US military presence in Poland is supported by all parties and the majority of Poles.

The candidate of the centre-right Civic Coalition, the liberal Rafal Trzaskowski, pointed out that this is one of the few elements in which the opposition agrees with the government and the government with the opposition, although he added that he hoped that the president would not go to Washington to make decisions.

The threat of Russian aggression by Moscow has deployed in Kaliningrad, which borders Poland’s northeastern border, short-range missiles with nuclear capability is a major issue in the country and any action that deters Vladimir Putin’s aggressive policies helps citizens feel more secure.

Transatlantic relations between Poland and the United States are extremely important to Warsaw and it believes, in line with Trump’s statement, that the two countries are closer than ever before.

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