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For years, the PP party enjoyed the most influence in the Congress, Senate and White House. With the explosive appearance of the upward trajectory of VOX and the decline of the “wunderkind” who was going to change the face of the PP, Pablo Casado, who, for most of the US conservative political circles has been a total failure, not measuring up in his role as president of the party, made it possible for Vox through its media Santiago Abascal, to replace in the so-called conservative circles Pablo Casado and the PP, in its political influence in the USA, during the Trump Administration.

All this has taken an unexpected turn with the “defeat”, for many fraud, by the Biden Administration in last November’s elections, not only with repercussions that already affect and will affect the USA but also, particularly, Spain.

With a congresswoman like Ocasio-Cortez with ideas very similar to those expressed in Spain by PODEMOS, through the mouth of its top leaders, Pablo Iglesias and his sentimental partner, bed partner and pupil of the Spanish Stalin, Pablo Iglesias, as well as a consequence of the greater control by the communist party (PODEMOS) of the bipartite social communist government, with ideas and projects similar to those of the most progressive wing, (read socialist, communist or simply, anarchist) of the Democratic party, there is no doubt that the political influence of VOX and PP has diminished both in the “Senate and in the Congress, both dominated by democrats, with which the influences of both parties have completely vanished in the White House, to the benefit of the Spanish Lenin, Pablo Iglesias and his acolytes and gentrified, communists.

If everything in this brief review of the current U.S. policy with respect to Spain, tremendously benefits the PODEMOS party, and therefore, not only harmed the US if not also Spain, there is an outstanding section that could benefit Spain, as a result of one of the latest decisions of the Trump Administration, which clearly benefit Morocco and Israel, with an overwhelming detriment to the interests of Spain, because with its support to Morocco on the issue of the former Spanish Sahara, the Trump Administration was giving a clear message of freedom to Morocco to pursue its declared intentions of annexation against part of the Spanish territory, not included in the NATO pacts, such as the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Given that the Biden Administration is giving a clear and affirmative message that it wishes to repeal if not all, the vast majority of the reforms implemented by the Trump Administration, it could be that, among the decisions not to be implemented, would be the backing of the Biden Administration to Morocco regarding its agreement with Israel with respect to the former Spanish Sahara.

Given the affinity of Pablo Iglesias with some of the branches of the Saharawi Polisario, this decision by the Biden Administration not to support Morocco in its aspirations against Spain would be highly beneficial in preventing a bellicose confrontation between Spain and Morocco, with the consequent result that such a possible confrontation would force the Spanish military and law enforcement forces, which so far have proven to be much more democratic than parties such as PODEMOS and IZQUIERDA UNIDA and more constitutionalist than the separatist and pro-independence parties, to take the decision, given that the interests of Spain and its continuation as a United and Indivisible Nation, are more important than any personalistic thoughts they may still have sitting in their heads, to take control, temporarily, of the destinies of Spain.

We have always been defenders of Israel, of its struggle for its survival, of its undeniable rights to be a Free and Democratic State and we have known very closely the great services, although totally unknown to the vast majority of Spaniards and Israelis, that the collaborations of the intelligence services of Spain, CNI, (currently controlled or at least supervised by Pablo Iglesias) and Israel, Mosacq, have maintained especially in the Canary Islands and North Africa, and of their great achievements.

In politics, everything is possible, especially in Spain, where for many politicians, from one side or the other, whether they are right-wing or left-wing, constitutionalists or pro-independence, the only aspiration is to continue or obtain power by remaining in power in order to obtain or continue receiving their juicy benefits.

Another of the unknowns with respect to the Biden Administration will be the path that the U.S. Department of Justice will follow once it is controlled by the Democrats, with respect to the proceedings that have been carried out by federal courts both in New York and Miami, in whose proceedings the names of prominent Spanish politicians have appeared for their alleged involvement and links to the dirty business of money laundering and drug trafficking with politicians from Venezuela and Bolivia.

We will be very attentive to how these changes in the USA will affect not only the North American country but also the interests of politicians belonging to socialist, communist, separatist and pro-independence parties in Spain and the foreign policy of the Biden Administration.

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