Sports writing, Nov. 20.- The Portland Trail Blazers have decided to terminate the contract of the Spanish pivot Pau Gasol, 39, as announced on Wednesday on their social networks the player himself, who announced that the recovery of his left foot injury does not go the desired way and said he will put “all his energy” to be able to play basketball as soon as possible.

In a video of just under two minutes published on its social networks in Spanish and English, the veteran Catalan pivot remembers that in July he agreed with his new team that if the deadlines set by doctors were lengthened, those responsible would have the option to replace it by another player and also advances that they are studying the way to continue contributing to the team “from a different role” that they have not yet “defined”.

In the film, the veteran pivot recognizes that, six months after being surgically intervened with a stress fracture in the navicular bone of his foot that prevented him from playing the NBA playoffs with Milwaukee and the World Cup in China with the Spanish team, the evolution is not the desired one, which has motivated his departure from the team.
This is the statement recorded by the mayor of the Gasol:

“Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you that from today I will stop being a player of the Portland Trail Blazers to devote myself fully to my recovery. The injury I have usually has a recovery period of between six and twelve months. I operated on May to accelerate my return to the tracks but unfortunately in recent days we have seen that my full recovery will take longer than we initially expected.

When we signed the contract in July, we agreed that if my recovery periods were lengthened, the team had the option to recover my position and thus bring a new player who could contribute to the team immediately and I could, in that scenario, focus on my recovery without having the team waiting for me.

This sport has given me and continues to give me many joys. I have lived incredible moments and some – very few – difficult to digest like the one I am going through right now, but I am still with the same illusion of the first day and I will work to the fullest in my recovery with the intention of re-enjoying the sport I love .

Meanwhile, and as I continue to recover in Portland, I am pleased to announce that along with the Portland Trail Blazers we are studying how to continue contributing to the team from a different role that we have not yet defined. I appreciate the will of the club to find the formula to continue working together and I wish that we have and we can have a great year. Thank you very much to all of my heart, thank you, for your love always and your support, and we continue “.

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