Paraguay: The forgotten country par excellence.

Paraguay: The forgotten country par excellence.

Although not very well known worldwide, in the center of South America, commonly called “Heart of America”, there is a country of warriors, brave, courageous, called Paraguay. As capital, Asuncion, at the same time the most emblematic city; Colonial and ancient city founded 15 of August of 1537 by the captain Juan de Salazar de Espinoza, under the name of “Our Lady of the Assumption”


Surviving the devastating War of the Triple Alliance against Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay (1865-1870); And to the War of the Chaco (1933-1935) against Bolivia, knew to get ahead. Decades later, through hard work, constant and progressive, he was recovering from the tremendous warlike conflicts he suffered throughout his history.


Today, the sixth beef exporter in the world, whose main markets in economic values ​​are Chile and Russia; Also exporting to more than 40 countries, with a Taiwan that will triple its quota of buying high-level Paraguayan meat, as well as high genetic cattle exported to Ecuador (2015).


It occupies the fourth place in the export of soybean, and the sixth place in the production of soybeans worldwide. It is the largest exporter of cassava from South America, to different continents such as South America, North America, Europe and Africa.


With the arrival of several international hotel chains, new shopping; The future depends clearly on youth preparation, fostering a culture of work, seeking to improve as a society in the different social spheres that will lead us to a prosperous future.


I believe that the most solid foundation of a society is found in the education that citizens receive, from a young age. Starting from the family, the first social agent; To the education they receive at school, are essential nuances in personal training, and even professional. Every evolutionary process requires protagonists. Every protagonist requires education. (Or training)


As young people responsible for the future of our country, our mission is to prepare ourselves to ensure a better Paraguay, leading from now on in what little daily situation we are present, so that tomorrow we can lead our beloved Guaraní soil so well.


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