From her home in Tijuana (Mexico), Paloma Zuñiga attracts 70,000 people with her “Paloma for Trump” page, which, she explains to Efe during a visit to Washington, she created when she learned that Donald Trump wanted to be president and saw in him ” a necessary leader to end the destruction of the USA. ”

Paloma, who in addition to Mexican citizenship also counts on the American one, is considered an “influencer” (influential person on the Internet) of the Republican Party and for that reason she goes as a guest to numerous acts, such as the Conference of Conservative Political Action (CPAC, in Spanish). English), held this week in the US capital “I am against the way they are destroying the US and I’ve been watching it for 12 years.” I was already realizing what the country has been doing for a long time, so when Trump said he was running for president, I thought: Finally someone who also sees it and now speaks it! “, Paloma details after attending a meeting of the vice president, Mike Pence.

She has more than 60,000 followers on Facebook, another handful of thousands on Instagram and Twitter, a Youtube channel and a web page to spread her theories about that “destruction” that she sees clearly and to which she responds forcefully when asked: Who Is destroying the USA? “Hispanics,” she says. “They are taking places like California where they do not speak English!” She exclaims, stating that “cities no longer work the way they were: Hispanics arrived and trampled with US principles and values do not care” she says.

Paloma’s opinion on Latino immigration causes many people to say that she is “racist”, that she is “against her own people” and even that she “hates herself”. But she says that it is Latinos who do not respect the United States. because “they think it’s a commercial zone, where Americans are stupid and can take advantage of them.”

Paloma was born in Mexico City and legally emigrated to the neighboring country at the age of eight, when her mother became a widow and married an American, although as a major she decided to return to Mexico because “it’s cheaper” and she has business there, several houses and cares for “many dogs”. In her profiles she shares these theories and other issues such as, for example, the video in which, with sunglasses and from the patio of a chalet, she asks the representative of the 43rd district of California in the lower house, the Democrat Maxine Waters to resign.

This audiovisual piece has been reproduced 114,000 times and shared another 3,000 on Facebook, the social network that, according to Paloma, “limits its impact” deliberately because “it should be reached by the 150,000 followers.” “People write to me saying they can not ‘like’ my page,” she complains.

In addition to Facebook, Paloma defends that the major media in Mexico and the US, such as the Televisa channel or The New York Times or The Washington Post, are against it, which at the same time is driving its platform. “They say in their reports that I am a radical activist, a racist and that I really live in the US,” she says, “but it went wrong and they gave me a lot of popularity.”

Regarding “common media” she also considers that “they make it look like all Mexico hates Trump.” “Well, maybe Trump does not have much support but people respect him a lot,” reasons the architect of “Paloma for Trump.” Paloma’s popularity among the political activists who meet this week at the conservative conference in Washington is such that she interrupts several times any conversation to greet and deliver her contact card with a photograph in which she poses on the part of the wall already built in the border with Mexico.

“Let it be done,” she says regarding the Mexican-American border barrier, announcing that she will soon make the leap to politics as “president of the division of the Republican Hispanic National Assembly in San Diego,” the city of California on the border with Mexico.

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