Oregon Secretary of State Beverly Clarno has rejected a proposal by the Oregon Immigration Reform (OFIR) group to repeal a law that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses without proof of legal residency.

Key campaign leaders Angela Roman and Mark Callahan said in an appearance today that the battle “has only just begun” and that “they will not give up until they get rid of the law.

The plan, they said, is to resubmit the petition in a simple, unquestionable form, so they have asked Oregonians to help gather the 112,000 signatures needed by July 2020 for the initiative to be validated and included on the November 2020 ballot.

Clarno, a Republican, argued that the wording of the petition does not include the “full text of the proposed law,” as required by the Oregon Constitution, without offering what she calls “specific language” for the change they propose.

But Callahan has rejected that explanation, assuring that “it doesn’t make any sense since what they are proposing is the elimination of a law that has already been approved”.

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