Sao Paulo, June 13. – With a brief sentence in which he summarized his confidence in being declared innocent, Neymar finished giving his testimony before the authorities of Sao Paulo, after a questioning of 5 hours in which the forward answered all the questions and denied having committed the violation of which he is accused.

Without responding to the concerns of the press, the striker of Paris Saint Germain gave a few short statements and thanked the support and messages of solidarity sent by people who believe in his innocence.

“I am calm, I appreciate all the messages I have received so far, the truth appears sooner or later,” said the striker who, after a smile, reiterated his thanks for the expressions of affection.

The 27-year-old, who will miss the Copa América due to an injury, had to appear before the Justice Court this Thursday, in an investigation for an alleged violation of the 26-year-old model Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza.

The Brazilian says she traveled to Paris to have sex with the striker on May 15, but when she was in a hotel, she changed her mind at the last moment when she was informed by the soccer player that she did not have condoms, and that then violated by the player.

Supported on crutches and accompanied by his lawyers and the strong security team with which he arrived, Neymar left the Sixth Commissioner for Women’s Defense, after a strenuous day in which he had the external support of fans, who together with curious people awaited him. anxious to the exit.

At the end of the first part of the interrogation, the prosecutor accompanying the case, Flávia Cristina Merlini, assured the press that Neymar answered all the questions and denied having committed the crime.

The prosecutor also ruled out the need for a face-to-face between Neymar and the model that denounced him, for the stories given by the soccer player.

Subsequently, the player continued to make a statement before the commissioner in charge of the case and with that, the interrogation was terminated.

The content of Neymar’s statement remains secret.

Since he arrived in Brazil 20 days ago, this is the second time that the soccer star has been questioned by the authorities.

Neymar also testified last week in a police station in Rio de Janeiro for an alleged cybercrime that could have been committed by publishing in his social network accounts the conversation he had with the model and in which intimate photos of it appear .

With the message posted on Instagram, the attacker wanted to show that the woman maintained a normal deal with him after the sexual encounter that, according to the player, was allowed.

Last week Najila Trindade Mendes was also questioned in the same police station in Sao Paulo and, at the end of the statement, she was carried on her shoulders by her former lawyer, who left the case when she alleged disagreements with her client.

The lawyer Danilo Garcia de Andrade said on Monday in an interview with SBT channel that the young woman accused him of having stolen the electronic tablet where he supposedly had the second part of a video that, according to her, incriminated Neymar.

So far only the images of the first minute of that video are known, where you can see the model hitting Neymar, while accusing him of assaulting her and leaving her alone at the hotel the night before.

In the other six minutes of the video, according to the young woman, there would be elements that would prove that the Brazilian star attacked her sexually on May 15 at a hotel in the French capital.

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