San Juan, Dec. 6 – Puerto Rican former Beatriz “Gigi” Fernández will not be able to vote in the 2020 elections, the second setback he suffers in 20 days that some link to the open wound after winning two Olympic medals after choosing to represent the United States , a decision that still raises controversy.

Fernández has been generating passions for many years because of his questioned decision to represent the United States in the Olympics, an issue that returns to be current this Friday after the court ruling that prevents the extenist from voting, because he does not reside in the Caribbean territory.

The famous concatenated athlete thus another setback in her relationship with the island, after the governor, Wanda Vázquez, withdrew her appointment to the Senate Equality Commission last November, in this case for not presenting the required documentation as it was not possible to get it in the required time.

The electoral commissioner of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Roberto Iván Aponte, announced on Thursday that after the hearing held by the Local Commission of Precinct 004, the presiding judge determined that Fernández’s challenge for not residing on the island proceeded.

At the end of last September, the electoral commissioner of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Lind Orlando Merle, requested an investigation into the possibility of committing an electoral fraud – for not residing on the island – after Fernández made public that he had obtained the electoral card of the State Election Commission (CEE).

The PIP commissioner, María de Lourdes Santiago, also said that she would take the matter before the trial judge of the electoral commission.

Fernandez said he has a residence in Florida, but come and go to Puerto Rico.

Regarding its inclusion in the Equality Commission, the extenist confirmed on November 19 that she did not deliver all the documents required by the Senate to confirm her as a member of that entity.

“Unfortunately, since I have no history of past residence in Puerto Rico, many of the required papers cannot be obtained,” he said on social media.

Fernández was appointed on September 27 by the governor, Wanda Vázquez, after she renounced her right to speak for the US president and entered the EEC to cast her vote on the island.

The undisguised rejection of the PPD and the PIP to Fernández’s participation in the political life of the island pushes back in time until the 90s of the last century.

Then, the extenista decided to play for the selection of the United States instead of Puerto Rico, which many understand responded that she had real chances of Olympic medal only with a competitive couple that at that time there was not on the island.

Fernández won gold in the 1992 and 1996 Olympics for the US flag, something some never forgave him.

The extenista has never hidden her political tendency close to the ruling New Progressive Party (PNP), a formation that seeks for Puerto Rico to become the 51st US state.

Fernández, through social networks, has made his position clear in his latest statements on the matter.

“Honestly, I believe that the option must be Statehood or Independence. It is time to decide. It is not the same to say no to Statehood as to say yes to independence. What do you think?” Said the tennis player about a hypothetical vote regarding the political status of Puerto Rico.

“I have every intention of permanently moving to Puerto Rico. When we have been and have the same benefits in PR that I have in the US. Then we see. For now I am still in the diaspora with the 5 million but with the intention of helping to improve the things to return, “he wrote on another occasion.

Fernández has not even hesitated to be belligerent with public figures from Puerto Rico with opinions different from his on this matter, such as the singers René Pérez Joglar “Resident” or Ricky Martin himself.

“Resident, if you want Puerto Rico free, return to live there so that you lose all the benefits you have in the US and then you decide,” Fernández said in his twitter account.

“Ricky Martin, you want this for Puerto Ricans,” Fernandez said on another occasion after the singer said in a speech: “We are not asking for more rights than the rest of the citizens. Nor do we want to have less rights. We want the same rights”.

The singer thus asked for equality in civil rights for all people regardless of their condition, which Fernández took advantage of to ask if he extended it to the political status of the island.

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