Nevada authorities on Tuesday followed in the footsteps of other key states in the November 3 presidential election and also certified the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in that state.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, a Democrat, appeared before the state Supreme Court to present the final tally and make it official with the judges’ signatures, which shields Biden’s victory by more than 30,000 votes in the state of the legalized game, out of a total of 1.4 million votes.

Outgoing President Donald Trump’s team first questioned the legitimacy of the results in Nevada weeks ago, claiming that a large number of people outside the state had voted, and took the issue to court.

However, as the days went by, Biden’s margin of victory over Trump in the state grew wider and wider, and in turn the President suffered defeats in much more populous and therefore decisive states, such as Pennsylvania and Georgia, which caused the campaign’s attention to focus on those places and gradually abandon the fight in Nevada.

Thus, Biden will definitely take the six pledges to the electoral college that the state grants, and which will be added to the twenty from Pennsylvania, the sixteen from Michigan and the sixteen from Georgia, among others, which have also made the victory of the Democrat official in the last few days.

Of the total number of votes cast in Nevada, half were by mail, while 41% voted in advance, so that only 9% of the electorate went to the polls on election day, something unusual and which can be explained by the effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

Despite being one of the so-called hinge states – which can fall on either the Democratic or Republican side – Nevada has consistently voted for the Democrats in every presidential election since 2004, when it chose former President George W. Bush.

Although in public it continues to question the legitimacy of the result, the White House on Monday gave the green light to the start of the transfer of power to Biden, after Emily Murphy, head of the Federal Services Administration (GSA), began the transition process by unlocking resources for the Democrat’s team to take control of the federal bureaucracy.

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