The Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council (HITEC) has released a list of the 100 most influential Hispanics in the technology sector in the country, nearly half of whom, for the first time, are women.

Specifically, 46 of the people distinguished in this edition are women, something relevant given the difficulties of this sector of the population to open a gap in the world of technology, where survey after survey indicates that they are underrepresented.

The chosen women work both for startups and for very consolidated companies in the sector, such as the head of shared engineering services of Microsoft, María Álvarez; the vice president of IT services of Dell, Mariely Franzetti; and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Antonio Neri.

“HITEC is proud to honor the top 100 executive leaders in the technology industry who happen to be Hispanic,” said HITEC president and senior vice president of Customer Transformation for Cisco Systems, Guillermo Diaz.

“They represent not only the world-class talent that is having a positive impact on the technology sector, but also serve as models for the next generation of leaders who are gaining momentum in their respective companies and communities,” Diaz added.

HITEC was created over ten years ago with the goal of “celebrating and increasing” the representation of Hispanics in the technology sector, where they are a minority, and of forming “stronger executive and technology leaders” in the same field.

“HITEC 100 is a true testament to the growing talent that Hispanic executives represent in the technology sector. This year, we are proud to pay tribute to a diverse group of successful leaders, 46% of whom are women,” said HITEC Board Member and Chairman of the Awards Committee, Juan Carlos Gutierrez.

Candidates for the HITEC 100 arise from applications from HITEC members, partners and the general public, and the recipients are evaluated for “their achievements in the ever-changing global technology landscape and for their professional development and mentoring activities”.

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