During June, immigration authorities stopped 94,897 migrants on the border with Mexico, mainly from Central America, a slight decrease from the previous month. This is attributed to the strong heat at this time of year, the Customs and Border Protection Office reported today.

Of these people arrested, 7,378 were unaccompanied children, 30,130 adults and 57,389 individuals who traveled with their families to the border, according to data released by the Government.

This data represent a decrease compared to the month of May, when a total of 132,887 people were arrested at the border (11,507 children, 36,838 adults alone and 84,542 family members).

“Although we have seen some relief in the numbers, we would still like to remember that there is a humanitarian crisis on the border and that we are dealing with it,” a senior CBP official said in a conference call with journalists.

The official, who asked to remain anonymous, explained that the border corps have between 40 and 60% of its agents deployed in this “humanitarian mission” on the border with Mexico, mainly in the sectors of El Paso and Valle del Río Grande, both located in Texas.

In the conference call, the CBP attributed a good part of the decrease in arrests to the high temperatures of these dates in the border area.

However, they also celebrated the work of the Government of Mexico on its border with Guatemala in stopping the flow of Central American migrants to this country.

“We are very optimistic and we hope that this will be sustained while Mexico continues to send resources to its southern border,” said the official.

In early June, Mexico and the US they reached an agreement that prevented the president, Donald Trump, from fulfilling his threat to impose tariffs on all Mexican exports.

Under the umbrella of the pact, Mexico began to tighten its controls, deploy more security on the border with Guatemala and host all those immigrants who request asylum to the United States in their territory while waiting in their territory for the resolution of their cases.

The official argued that only 17% of the total of migrants who tried to cross the southern border of the country were Mexicans, while more than 70% were from Central American countries.

On the other hand, defended that there are currently about 200 children in custody of CBP, far from the 2,500 who were under his protection in May.

The Border Patrol imputed this decrease to that the Department of Health and Human Services has received funds from Congress in the last month, so it has been able to accelerate the process to include more minors in its facilities.

“These are good figures,” he repeated, “but we are still very worried about the crisis border”.

CBP released this data a day after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) revealed that the number of immigrants detained and denied entry to the country’s southern border went down by 28% during June after the Mexican agreement came into force.

According to the Government, during the past month there were 104,344 “enforcement actions” (which include arrests and not admissions) on the border, compared to 144,278 in May.

In May, arrests in the southern border set a record in a single month since 2006 with 132,887, which added to the immigrants who were denied entry (11,391) the total number of shares reached the figure of 144,278.

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