Millionaire Tom Steyer, who has led a campaign to promote impeachment against President Donald Trump, announced today that he will be seeking the presidential candidacy for the Democratic Party in the 2020 elections.

The announcement of Steyer, through a video, occurred a few hours after the Democratic representative Eric Swalwell, from California, announced that he was abandoning the competition for the Democratic presidential nomination, in which around twenty politicians participate.

“The other Democratic presidential candidates have many good ideas that will take our country forward, but they will not be able to meet until we put an end to the dominance that large corporations have over our democracy,” Steyer said in a statement.

“As an outsider, I have made efforts from below to stand up to big companies and I have obtained results for the people, something that is not common in Washington in these times and that is why I present myself to prescient”, assured the millionaire, who has made his fortune in the world of finance.

Since last year, Steyer, who manages a high-risk speculation fund, has paid advertisements on television and other media to promote impeachment in Congress against President Trump.

And, just as Trump did when he announced in 2015 that he was joining the competition for the Republican presidential candidacy, Steyer presented himself as someone foreign to politics and incorruptible by big corporations thanks to his enormous fortune, half of which he will donate to charities, as promised.

According to the Center for Responsible Policy, Steyer, 62, and his wife Kat Taylor, have donated over $ 238 million to campaigns and political groups, placing them in second place among the major political contributors behind only the casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson and his wife.

Last January, Steyer traveled to Iowa, the state where the primaries will start in February 2020, fueling speculation about his intention to join the election race.

The millionaire had so far said he would not seek the Democratic nomination and would focus his efforts on seeking impeachment against Trump.

The dispute for the Democratic presidential candidacy took its first loss on Monday, when Eric Swalwell announced that he was retiring, leaving another 24 competitors in contention.

At a press conference in the city of Dublin, in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco (California), Swalwell ended a campaign that lasted exactly three months, having participated in one of the two debates held among the Democratic candidates during which he attacked the until now favorite, former Vice President Joe Biden, due to his advanced age.

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