El Paso, Texas, police on Wednesday released the identities of the victims of a car accident that occurred in this city after a Border Patrol chase, which left seven people dead.

In the early morning hours of July 25, a vehicle carrying alleged undocumented immigrants, five of them from Guatemala, was pursued by the patrol for alleged human trafficking and ended up crashing into a trailer in the centre of this border city.

Seven people died as a result of the accident, many of them teenagers, while three others ended up with serious injuries in a local hospital.
The fatalities were driver Gustavo Cervantes, 18; Guatemalans Oscar Miguel García-Bran (21), Elvira Tot-Chiroy (19) and Santos Porfirio-García (32); and Liliana Jiménez and Yadira Barrera, both 16 and from El Paso.

According to the authorities, the survivors of the accident were Guatemalan Omar Misael Coyoy (18) and Wilmer Gómez-Gómez (25) and the 16-year-old minor identified with the initials G.S, from Ciudad Juárez (Mexico).

According to witnesses, the Border Patrol was chasing the car at high speed until it hit an industrial container parked in a local store.

According to Gloria Chavez, head of the El Paso Sector Border Patrol, agents were chasing the vehicle but just before the impact, they stopped on the orders of a supervisor.
Some of the victims’ families would seek to file a lawsuit against the Border Patrol.

The Border Patrol Victims Group and the Arizona Coalition for Human Rights, since 2010 six people have died in incidents involving the use of lethal force by Border Patrol officials, and two others perished while in their custody.

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